The Best Scholarships in Kentucky

​Although new degree holders are experiencing a frustrating progression toward their dream careers, college applications from undeterred high seniors pour into admissions offices. The State of Kentucky graduates 83.5% of its high school graduates, according to the <a href="">US Census Bureau</a>, but like many other states, the effort to transition those students into degree programs requires significantly more planning and effort. Louisville understands more than many other cities since it's 2008 commitment to focus on increasing its college graduates.

Over the years, tuition his increased, steadily, but financial aid still leaves a large portion of college cost to linger in debt. As students search for more ways to pay for college, quality scholarships may be more crucial than ever.

1. Carole P. Bizzack Memorial Scholarship

Carole P. Bizzack Memorial Scholarship selects two Veterinary Medicine seniors enrolled at an accredited post-secondary institution. During the application process, students will be required to take part in an interview by phone or in person and will be asked to present evidence of financial need and academic performance. Each application will be reviewed by board members, and winners will each receive the $2,000 fund, paid directly to their respective schools.

You can learn more about the ​Carole P. Bizzack Memorial Scholarship here

2. Future Leaders in Agriculture Scholarship

The Future Leaders in Agriculture Scholarship offers a $2,000 reward to one Kentucky high school senior who demonstrates an aptitude toward farming innovation. To qualify, students must have maintained at least a 3.0 GPA and be planning to commit to a 4-year college or university. Applicants are required to submit a 2-4 minute YouTube video that explains how their experience in the form of service and employment can help drive future innovation.

You can learn more about the ​Future Leaders in Agriculture Scholarship here

3. Stephen L. Keller Scholarship

The Stephen L. Keller Scholarship offers a $1,500 reward for full-time business majors attending an accredited 4-year college or university. Scholarship winners are chosen based on a review of notable accomplishments, including community service and entrepreneurial activities. Students should be prepared to show a GPA of 3.0 or higher and adequate financial need. The required essay will summarize each candidate's outlook and ideas concerning today's entrepreneurial and business opportunities in the United States. Students can apply by mailing the one-page essay and application, along with proof of residency, SAR, and transcripts.

You can learn more about the ​Stephen L. Keller Scholarship here

4. Jane Allen Newman Scholarship

For high school seniors that have held a 2.0 GPA, the Jane Allen Newman Scholarship awards up to $8,000 (divided over 4 years). In addition to a 5-page SAR, picture ID, and transcript, each applicant is required to submit and essay that explains academic and career goals. Applications and supporting documents must be submitted by mail by the spring semester deadline.

You can learn more about the Jane Allen Newman Scholarship here

5. Indo-American Civic Society

Indo-American Civic Society combines information found in student transcripts with SAT/ACT or GRE/GMAT scores to determine academic eligibility. To be considered, applicants must compose a two-page essay using the following guidelines: Page one describes accomplishments and unusual activities, and the second page explains academic and career expectations. Students will also need to submit a letter of recommendation, a letter of admission to a college or university, and financial aid documents. Multiple $1,000 scholarships are awarded, although the number varies from year to year, including a slot that is reserved for one University of Kentucky student.

You can learn more about the ​Indo-American Civic Society here

6. Teacher-Member Scholarship

Teacher-Member Scholarship is intended for Kentucky educators currently pursuing or planning to enroll in a master's degree program. Since applicants are required to be PTA/PTSA member, letters from both the association president and the principal or superintendent are required in order receive the $500 scholarship. Proof of employment or college enrollment must also be mailed along with the applications, and teachers applying for the scholarship are requested to type a short bio that does not exceed two pages. PTA/PTSA associations will need to provide IRS documents, most recent bylaws, membership payments, and other documents that prove good standing.

You can learn more about the ​Teacher-Member Scholarship here

7. KSBA First College Degree Scholarship Program

KSBA First College Degree Scholarship Program is reserved for one male and female first-generation high school student planning to attend a 2 or 4-year postsecondary institution. As proof of first-generation enrollment status, a letter must be signed by a school guidance counselor, a school superintendent, and the chairman of the board of education. Applicants will need to have taken the ACT and received a score of 20 or higher to be considered for the $2,500 scholarship. Applications must be mailed to the KSBA office in Frankfort, Kentucky.

You can learn more about the ​KSBA First College Degree Scholarship Program here

8. KySTE STLP Scholarship

KySTE STLP Scholarship the Kentucky Society for Technology in Education provides yearly awards to 4 students selected from a list organization nominees. The nomination term extends over a four-month period, during which time candidates are submitted by email. Award amounts may vary since the scholarship is dependent upon donations. However, the 2016 award for each student will be $1,000.

You can learn more about the ​KySTE STLP Scholarship here

9. Bobby Thomas Memorial Scholarship

Robert E. Bobby Memorial Scholarship awards $1,000 to five accomplished high school seniors and full-time college students who can show proof of exemplary academic performance. Each applicant is required to submit a 200 to 300-word essay that explains career aspirations and why he or she should be among the scholarship recipients. Students must include transcripts or most current grades, two references, and any other relevant information that might help them stand apart from other candidates. Applications are to be mailed to the Breckinridge County Sheriff's Department, and scholarships will be awarded at the Sheriff's Association Conference held each year.

You can learn more about the ​Bobby Thomas Memorial Scholarship here

10. Kids Chance of Kentucky Scholarship

Kids Chance of Kentucky Scholarship provides $6,000 per semester for children, who's lives have been altered by an injured or deceased parent or guardian, to continue toward a college education. Criteria for choosing winners focuses on academic excellence and community service, and applicants who can show they have achieved both have the greatest chance of success. Anyone between the ages of 16 and 25 and is enrolled as a full-time student (or soon to be) may apply. The application must be accompanied by high school or college transcripts, two letters of recommendation (one from a teacher or guidance counselor), a summary (2 pages or less) that documents personal history, education and career goals, and extracurricular activities.

You can learn more about the ​Kids Chance of Kentucky Scholarship here

11. Loren Richards Elder Care Scholarship

Loren Richards Elder Care Scholarship (renewable for a consecutive year). Hopefuls with at least a 2.5 GPA are asked to submit an essay detailing how their educations will help improve the lives of elderly citizens living in Kentucky. Although all qualifying students are welcome to apply, the scholarship seeks to provide opportunities for first-generation and single-parent students. Applications along with transcripts and proof of residence should be mailed to the Bluegrass Community Foundation.

You can learn more about the ​Loren Richards Elder Care Scholarship here

12. entucky Women in Agriculture Scholarship

Kentucky Women in Agriculture Scholarship is design to help propel female students into the agricultural industry. Candidates must already be Kentucky college or university juniors, seniors, or higher who are pursuing a degree in an an agriculture-related field. Based on specific criteria, which includes GPA (2.5 or greater), community involvement, leadership qualities, and a 500-word essay that explains applicants' aspirations in the agriculture field, distinguished recipients will receive a $1,000 award.

You can learn more about the ​entucky Women in Agriculture Scholarship here

13. Edith Schwab Memorial Scholarship

Edith Schwab Memorial Scholarship which is intended assist University of Louisville graduate students who have demonstrated outstanding academic performance. Qualifying applicants will need to be enrolled in a master's or doctorate program in Public Service, Public Administration, Public Health, Public Service, Social Work, or Teaching. Upon reviewing the 500-word essays outlining student academic pursuits and how they relate to career goals, one recipient will be awarded $1,000 in tuition funds.

You can learn more about the ​Edith Schwab Memorial Scholarship here

14.Isaac Murphy Scholarship

Isaac Murphy Scholarship is designated for African American students from Kentucky or attending a local school. The award is intended for students planning to work in a field that relates to the care, study, or racing of horses. The fund targets individuals who are either independent and facing hardship or living with parents who have a household income of less than $75,000. To qualify for the $5,000 scholarship, students cannot be older than 24-years old, must have maintained a 2.85 GPA, and each applicant is required to submit a 500-word essay.

You can learn more about the ​Isaac Murphy Scholarship here

15. Women Leading Kentucky

Women Leading Kentucky offers a scholarship for women high school and undergraduate students who have demonstrated commendable leadership. Applicants need to be a senior in high school or a freshman, sophomore, or junior in high school in order to qualify. Applications can be submitted online, along with transcripts and a 300-word essay that accounts personal leadership experience.

You can learn more about the ​Women Leading Kentucky here

16. Kentuckiana Council Girl Scout Gold Award

University of Louisville high school graduates who have earned the Kentuckiana Council Girl Scout Gold Award are eligible to receive a full scholarship to the University. By UL guidelines, consideration for the scholarship requires a 3.5 GPA and 1240 SAT score (26 for ACT). The essay, which cannot exceed two pages, should detail community service, athletic participation, religious involvement, work experience and/or honors and awards.

You can learn more about the ​Kentuckiana Council Girl Scout Gold Award here

17. Fund for Art: William Tolbert Whittenberg

Fund for Art: William Tolbert Whittenberg has been rewarding accomplished performing arts students between the ages of 16 and 20. Currently, the scholarship pays $1,000 to $5,000 to candidates planning to work in a performing arts related field. Students must submit an essay; that does not exceed 650 words, explaining what their educations will be used to accomplish. Applications can be submitted by mail or email to the Fund for Art organization.

You can learn more about the ​Fund for Art: William Tolbert Whittenberg here

18. WLJC-TV Scholarship 

To be eligible for it's $1,000 the WLJC request that those applying for the grant be drug and alcohol-free and have maintained a clean criminal history. It requires full-time college enrollment, a GPA of 2.5 or better, and pursuit of a degree in broadcasting. Students must also submit a 500-word bio and a letter of recommendation from a high school teacher or college professor, by mail, to WLJC-TV.

You can learn more about WLJC-TV Scholarship here

19. Kentucky Federation of Republican Women's Scholarship

Kentucky Federation of Republican Women's Scholarship provides, for high school seniors who value Republican-based views, an opportunity to pursue a degree program that will help them put their ideals into practice. A single $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a highly accomplished and deserving candidate who can submit a compelling one-page essay discussing an admired Republican woman and has had significant church/community and political involvement.

You can learn more about the ​Kentucky Federation of Republican Women's Scholarship here

20. Shelter Insurance Scholarships

Shelter Insurance Scholarships are awarded, each year, in varying amounts and quantities. Most recently, the company awarded $3,000 to three students. However, 2016 recipients will receive $1,500. Winners are chosen from among high school seniors based upon community service activity, GPA, and leadership qualities. Currently, the award is only available for family members of Shelter Insurance customers.

You can learn more about the Shelter Insurance Scholarships here

21. Cherry Presidential Scholarship

Cherry Presidential Scholarship is offered to freshman entering Western Kentucky University's fall semester. Scholarships in amounts of $64,000 and $48,000 are awarded, annually, and paid over a four-year period. Qualifying students will have maintained a GPA of 3.8 or higher and earned an ACT score of 31 (1360 SAT). Committee members will also take class rank, leadership, extracurricular activities, and other relevant info into consideration. Applications can be submitted, by mail, to WKU.

You can learn more about the ​Cherry Presidential Scholarship here

22. Millbrooke Christian Church

Millbrooke Christian Church awards $2,000 to one exceptional student, through its Clyde Cornelius Memorial Scholarship. The scholarship hopes to aid students that demonstrate financial need and is intended for high school students entering into a freshman year of college. Extracurricular activities will be weighed, along with transcripts and SAT/ACT scores, in determining recipients. Students should apply by mailing applications to Millbrooke Christian Church in Hopkinsville, KY.

You can learn more about the ​Millbrooke Christian Church here

23. Thommy Bright Scholarship

Thommy Bright Scholarship pays $1,000 to students who share a relationship with HBAK members, and reside within the organization's jurisdiction. Applicants exhibit excellent character that and provide to references. Applicants should be prepared for an in-person interview, and upon receiving the award strive to uphold HBAK values.

You can learn more about the ​Thommy Bright Scholarship here

24. WIRE Scholarships

WIRE Scholarships are reserved for South Kentucky high school juniors and seniors as well as college students (having earned 60 credit hours) with a family member who has benefited from the WIRE organization services. Applicants will complete a 350 to 500-word essay that focuses on energy conservation. Applications must be completed and mailed to the Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperatives in Louisville.

You can learn more about the ​WIRE Scholarships here

25. Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky Scholarship

Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky Scholarship is offered to registered Democrats living in Kentucky and pays $1,000. Students must have maintained a 3.0 and be planning to enroll in a Kentucky post-secondary school. Each applicant is required to have shown leadership characteristics and participated in extracurricular activities, particularly Democratic elections. Two witnesses, one from the community and one school faculty member, and a one-page essay explaining "why you support the democratic party" must be mailed along with the application.

You can learn more about the ​Democratic Woman's Club of Kentucky Scholarship here

26. Overcomer Scholarship

Overcomer Scholarship is paid to one male and female Anderson County High School senior who has experienced difficult circumstances. Students are required to write an essay inspired by the theme "Overcome Obstacles from Use or Addiction of Alcohol and/or drugs," and provide one reference to validate community service participation. Applications must be mailed in by the Spring deadline.

You can learn more about the ​Overcomer Scholarship here

27. Franklin County Conservation District Scholarships

Franklin County Conservation District Scholarships are awarded to four Franklin County High School graduates or college students majoring in select agriculture and environment-related studies. Applicants competing for the $500 scholarship should be prepared to prove financial need, and convey career goals. Volunteer work and employment in related fields may also be factored in during the selection process.

You can learn more about the ​Franklin County Conservation District Scholarships here

28. Kentucky Association for Pupil Transportation Scholarship 

Kentucky Association for Pupil Transportation (KAPT) contributes $1,000 to high school college-bound graduates with at least one parent or guardian employed by the association. Four recipients, each having maintained a 3.0 GPA and submitted supporting documents, which include a letter from a faculty member validating grades, a letter of recommendation from a teacher and a typed essay, are awarded the KAPT Scholarship. 

You can learn more about the ​Kentucky Association for Pupil Transportation scholarship here

29. The Beringer Drug Center Scholarship

The Beringer Drug Center Scholarship pays $600 to one student who is planning to enter into a health profession. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA and be highly accomplished in order to be considered eligible for the award. Each student is required to explain his or her desire to become a health professional in a 500-word essay and mail it, along with the application and two letters of recommendation, to Beringer Drug Center in Warsaw.

You can learn more about the ​The Beringer Drug Center Scholarship here

30. The Kentucky State Police Scholarship 

Trooper Island Scholarship is available for Kentucky high school seniors enrolling in a college, university, or technical school. Since the scholarship is a branch of the Trooper Island program, camp attendees may be viewed as a priority, but all seniors showing financial need are welcome to apply.

You can learn more about The Kentucky State Police here

31. Collier Family Memorial Scholarship

Collier Family Memorial Scholarship is a yearly award, presented to two Wolfe County High School students planning to assist each in his or her pursuit of a 4-year degree in a field that relates to math or science. Scholarship are one-time $3,000 payments awarded to students enrolling in the University of Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky University, or Michigan State University. Recipients will be determined based on ACT/SAT scores, GPA and the quality of the essays submitted. An application should be completed and returned to a Wolf County High School.

You can learn more about the ​Collier Family Memorial Scholarship here

32. Congressman Harold Rogers Scholarship

Congressman Harold Rogers Scholarship is a $1,000 award paid, in two disbursements of $500, to each recipient's post-secondary school. The scholarship is sponsored by Citizens National Bank and reserved for students who intend to major in business, accounting, finance, or banking. Recipients will have maintained a 3.0 GPA and submitted a well written 300-page essay. Applicants will need three letters of recommendation, ACT scores, and a list of extracurricular involvement to qualify. Essays must be turned in to school guidance councilors by the deadline.

You can learn more about the ​Congressman Harold Rogers Scholarship here

33. Bernice N. Clark Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Bernice N. Clark Memorial Endowed Scholarship to talented graduating high school musicians who show exceptional promise in both musicianship and academics. Scholarships are offered to non-majors, but students will be required to demonstrate written and performance proficiency. Students must have a 3.0 GPA and accept or already attending EKU as a full-time student.

You can learn more about the ​Bernice N. Clark Memorial Endowed Scholarship here

34. Pat R. Caniff Scholarship

Pat R. Caniff Scholarship offers up its scholarship to two students who have earned either a high school diploma or GED. The most recent winners were each awarded $5,000 toward college tuition. Recipients are required to have lived in Kentucky for at least to consecutive years, and upon earning a degree, each student must work within the state for two years as a funeral director or embalmer.

You can learn more about the ​Pat R. Caniff Scholarship here

35. Stricklin/Shipp Memorial Scholarship

Stricklin/Shipp Memorial Scholarship is available to children of its members who have advocated, within their schools, for crime prevention and safety. The scholarship is awarded in amounts of $500, in honor of James Stricklin and Phil Shipp, to high school students who show academic worthiness and have been accepted to a post-secondary school.

You can learn more about the ​Stricklin/Shipp Memorial Scholarship here