The 50 Most Beautiful Campus Quads

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A campus quadrangle (or quad) is essential to the college campus experience. It is often considered the university’s face—the part of campus that defines the institution’s aesthetic and charm. Traditionally, a campus quad is the central courtyard at the institution, anchored by a major building that the university boasts about its architecture. The quad is usually in the shape of a square, rectangle or an oblong and is located as a central point of the university. The quad is commonly used as a gathering location for events, major photo opportunities on the campus by students, alums and others for marketing purposes, and is usually very well maintained by University landscapers for offering an aesthetic appeal to all who visit campus. The quad also works as a focal point for building university buildings around it, so it gives shape to the overall campus. The beauty and charm of a campus quad give students and staff something pleasant to take in whenever they step foot on institutional grounds. Below are fifty of the best campus quads in the US.

50. University of Michigan


The University of Michigan has several quads on campus mostly devoted to residential hall functions. The North Quad residence hall can house over 1,200 students. The East, Central and South quads are all devoted to encouraging community learning and living. The halls are built with a conscious design effort that encourages interaction and sharing of ideas. The University of Michigan has a great deal of students organizations that require campuses space to meet. The institution’s quads are devoted to these types of learning and community organizations.

49. Berry College

Best-college-quads-Berry College

Berry College’s main campus includes the Ford Hall, which was designed by Harry Carlson. The building acts as the campus’ dining hall for female students at Berry College. Outside of the hall is the Ford Quadrangle, which was designed to imitate Oxford’s Christ College. This neo-gothic architecture inspires a religious mood for anyone who enters it. Today, this area is used as a theater, event location for festivals and concerts, as well as for functions by students for various campus activities. In recent years, the Ford Hall underwent renovations to act as an Alumni Center to invite Berry alums for events. Berry College is surrounded by plenty of trees all around. There is a mountain road for hikers, and plenty of lawns within the campus for those who like leisurely walks or bike rides. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

48. University of Wisconsin- Madison

University of Wisconsin- Madison’s main quad is known as Bascom Hill. It is known for being a glacial deposit that dates to approximately 18,000 years ago. Students visit the quad to take in some green as well as pay a visit to the Lincoln statue which is over a hundred years old. On the hill occupies the North Hall, which is primarily designated, towards political science. The South Hall, which is located on the hill, is dedicated towards letters and science. Bascom Hill is also surrounded by spring flowers when the weather gets warm. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

47. Hamilton College

Hamilton College of Central New York is already known for its gorgeous scenery that invites you onto the campus. The roads are aligned with trees and is a popular destination spot for visitors escaping the city to enjoy the fall air and leaves. The campus has a central quadrangle which is close to the chapel as per quad traditions, and the campus most beautifully conceived buildings are all located in proximity to the quad. This area is teeming with activity all year long as it is close to the dormitories, campus center, and recreational area. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

46. Morehouse College


Morehouse College’s The Green is the campus quadrangle which was first designed in 1889. The Green is an eight-acre green slope surrounded by historic buildings. Morehouse’s campus quad is also considered the highest point in Atlanta, Georgia. The Green is covered with ancient oak trees, and brick pavements. It is also the site of the Benjamin E. Mays Memorial. The Green is the location for many Morehouse College events and functions, including the graduation ceremony. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances. It is also in proximity to the Danforth Chapel, Merrill Hall, Hope Hall, Robert Hall, Sale Hall and Graves Hal. It is also the original site of the President’s house.

45. Oklahoma State University

best-college-quads-Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma State University is an extremely green campus, surrounded by green lawn and with an agriculture division right on campus. Although it does not have the traditional quadrangle of classic institutions, it does have plenty of green fields. The campus is large enough to have a golf course and some fields for the agricultural department to grow their own produce.

44. Harvard University


Harvard University’s campus quad—the Radcliffe Quad—is consistently ranked highly for its beautiful fresh lawn, lawn chairs, grass slopes, oak and maple trees that turn a beautiful foliage in the fall. The quad is also the location where the Cabot House is situated. The Pforzheimer Houses also are located at the quad. The Hillies Library is also located at the quad. The Harvard Yard, which is one of the oldest parts of the Harvard campus, includes freshman residence halls and libraries. It also has a well-maintained green lawn that is perfect for leisurely reading and resting. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

43. Northwestern University

best-college-quads-Northwestern University

The quads at Northwestern University are divided into separate sections. The North mid-quads at the University are primarily occupied by students as residence halls. These residences can house up to 85 students at a time, available only to undergraduate students, and includes a lounge, kitchenettes, recreation room, and a short walk away from the dining hall. The South mid-quad is also a residence hall for Northwestern students. It can house up to 88 students. The residence hall includes a TV lounge, recreation room, kitchenette, and is a short walk away from the dining hall. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

42. University of South Carolina

The University of South Carolina is a campus that includes approximately 6 million square feet of institution buildings dedicated to research and academia, and nearly 500 acres of campus landscape in an urban environment. Although there is no traditional quadrangle on campus, students are always near national museums, historic buildings, memorials, parks and cafes. There is the East, West and Green Quads, which are residence halls for undergraduate and graduate students at the University of South Carolina. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

41. University of Minnesota at Duluth

best-college-quads-University of Minnesota Duluth

The University of Minnesota Duluth offers great and easy access to the university’s amenities from the campus quad so that students don’t get lost in this enormous campus. From the green quad lawn, students can walk to the recreation center, fitness center, museum, library, dining hall, and residential halls. The quad is also surrounded by trees so that students can take in the sight of green to catch a break from the stressful routine of school. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

40. Furman University

best-college-quads-Furman University

Furman University of Greenville, South Carolina is known for its beautiful lake and 750 acres of woods on campus. In proximity to the campus is the Paris Mountain State Park. The buildings on campus are Georgian-style inspired architecture, with classic structural appearances that complement the natural setting on campus. The Charles Ezra Daniel Memorial Chapel has a patch of lawn and fountain. With its central location on campus, it acts as a quad of sorts for students to gather as a meeting point. It is close to the Janie Earle Furman Rose Garden, the James B Duke Library, and the Cherrydale Alumni House. The campus’ famous Lake and Bell Tower and amphitheater are located beside the lake for a beautiful sight to take in for students on campus.

39. University of Maryland

The University of Maryland’s Washington Quad has gone through some new renovations and changes in 2008. The renovation was to turn the outdoor campus ground into a sustainable living space. It includes lighting, rainwater cistern, trees, lawns, a volleyball court, barbecue grills and an open view of the campus’ building facades; however was once unavailable prior to the renovation. The new quad also includes bike racks, benches and wireless internet access for all campus members. Tables, chairs, and pergolas also make it a great spot for people to dine outdoors. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

38. Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University is located in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The Wake Forest main quadrangle at Hearn Plaza is named after Thomas K Hearn, Jr. The quad overlooks the Reynolda Hall and is a large open lawn with a pathway that cuts through it, connecting the campus’ two ends. The center of the quad is open so that students may use the lawn for activities, events, and functions. Surrounding the lawn are trees which are perfect for shades. Wake Forest University has a Hearn Plaza Webcam so that parents, students, and staff can get a constant view of the quad at all times.

37. Bucknell University

best-college-quads-Bucknell University

Bucknell University is located in central Pennsylvania, and is primarily known for being a liberal arts college with outstanding programs in management and engineering, as well as the arts and humanities. The campus has large sloping hills that go uphill and downhill. The Academic Quad on the main campus includes the Observatory, dorms, Fraternity Road and Christy-Mathewson-Memorial Stadium. The neighborhood and buildings have a Victorian-inspired look. Near the Academic Quad is the President’s house, sorority houses, Hunt Hall, dorms for first-year students, and a gymnasium. The Rooke Chapel is a Georgian-inspired construction that is close to the Academic Quad, open lawns and near the memorial. In late 2013, the university announced the Academic Quad’s expansion to include the Academic West and Academic East. These new campus properties will include new classrooms, conference rooms, and offices for faculty. Additional research spaces will also be built to expand the fields of healthcare, engineering and science.

36. University of California Los Angeles


The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is located in Los Angeles, California, home to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and the nation’s oldest film scene. UCLA’s quadrangular courtyard is one of the best in the country, with a 400-acre campus. Surrounding the beautiful quad is the Powell Library, Royce Hall, and the Humanities Building, also known as Kinsey Hall. There are a total of 163 buildings on campus, and it is close to Sunset Boulevard and the Westwood shopping district. Near the Quad is also the Shapiro Fountain. The quad functions as an open space for any events, fairs and festivals as students may require.

35. Boston University


Boston University does not have a traditional quad, however, it does have plenty of open fields for soccer and other sports, as well as freshly mown lawns that run alongside paved streets that are perfect for biking and walking. Boston University’s Charles River Campus close to historic galleries, museums, theaters, cafes, parks, and quite close to the Charles River. Instead of a traditional, classic quad, the Charles River acts as the focal point of BU’s beauty and pride.

34. Mount Holyoke College

Mount Holyoke College is a beautiful campus that was designed by architects who were nature-conscious. The campus has two lakes, waterfalls, riding trails and a botanic garden. The campus’ layout is itself quadrangle-inspired. The Blanchard Campus Center, which is a student center that includes a campus store, info desk, lounge, café, and mailboxes for students, is located directly across a lake, and between that is an open lawn for students to enjoy. The campus center also includes a student art gallery that exhibits projects by Mount Holyoke students.

33. Connecticut College

best-college-quads-Connecticut College

Connecticut College’s Old Quad is the reserved location for the Blackstone House. It is Connecticut College’s oldest residential hall for students. Also located on the Old Quad is the Branford House, which is directly facing the Shain Library. This is another residential house for students on campus. When the campus was conceived in design plans, it had a number of Gothic quadrangles throughout, much like classic campus designs found in England such as Cambridge and Oxford. Today, the campus contains quad lawns, trees and pathways that intertwine through old buildings and residential quads for students to experience something similar to the effect of time travel.

32. Gettysburg College

best-college-quads-Gettysburg College

The Gettysburg College is located in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. It is a private liberal arts institution that is affiliated with the Lutheran Church. Gettysburg College’s main campus has two large sections that is divided by Pennsylvania Hall, which serves as the university’s administration. The Stine Lake section of the campus is not literally a lake but rather a campus quad. It is anchored by the university library and has a large open lawn for students to enjoy. It is referred to as a lake because of the location’s rainy climate. The university’s previous problems with drainage led to the expression “lake,” which stuck. Today, the drainage problems are being handled, and there are no floods. This area of campus is visually very beautiful, and is close to the main university buildings such as the library, dining hall, math and computer science department halls, arts and humanities department halls and fraternity houses.

31. Belmont University

best-college-quads-Belmont University

Belmont University is one of the largest Christian schools in Tennessee. The main campus is located in Nashville, and it includes the Belmont Mansion, which is a mansion with 36 rooms. It also comes with an estate of gardens, conservatories, aviary, lake and art gallery. What would traditionally be a university quad is found on the mansion’s site, with 13 acres of land dedicated to any and all social events that the school may participate in. Belmont University has a beautiful campus, which includes a water tower, gardens, even a zoo.

30. University of California Irvine

best-college-quads-University of California Irvine

The University of California Irvine—otherwise UCI for short—is a thousand-acre campus that was designed by Clark Kerr, Daniel Aldrich, and William Pereira. The three minds conceived of a modern idea of campus design. The central campus was conceived to include six quadrangles total, with each quad being representative of a particular academic department. The campus conception was also inspired by New York’s Central Park. The campus quads implement both modern architecture and nature. Students have the best of both worlds when they walk through campus. The quads also function as great event spaces for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

29. University of Cincinnati


The University of Cincinnati has the Schneider Quadrangle which was build in 2007 to honor Herman Schneider—the founder of the university’s cooperative education. This quad was previously known as the Baldwin Quadrangle. It is located close to the Baldwin Hall, which serves as the main administration for the College of Engineering. Baldwin Hall is also near Swift Hall, which is dedicated to the Math and Romance Languages and Literature departments. The Schneider quad is one of the best in the country for being so close to the arts and sciences departments at once. The newly built memorial for Schneider, the freshly paved pathways, new construction, and lawns are all new, giving, the campus a fresh new look. The Schneider Quad and the Baldwin Hall are the most beautiful parts of the university’s campus.

28. University of California Berkeley


The University of California Berkeley is famous for its main campus’ Strawberry Creek. It is a creek that connects Dwinelle Hall and the Lower Sprout Plaza. The university preserved this natural bit for its campus appearance along with trees that date back to the 19th century. The quad has a residence hall that likens the appearance of an ancient castle. This university is regarded highly for its beautiful aesthetics, environmental preservation as well as historic preservation. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

27. Yale University


Yale University has several quads—each serves a different purpose on campus. The Memorial Quad was donated by Anna M. Harkness to commemorate her son. The Memorial Quad is a residential hall for Yale students. It was erected in 1921 and built with dorms, a dining hall, and courtyards. The Hewitt Quad includes Yale University’s main auditorium, dining hall, and administration. It also includes a library underneath the courtyard. The Branford Courtyard on Yale’s Brandford College part of campus is known for its beautiful gothic architecture, cherry blossoms, fresh green lawn, and trees. Yale quads are frequently cited to be the most beautiful campus quads in the United States. The quads also function as great event spaces for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

26. University of Chicago


Because of the University of Chicago’s general location being in an urban setting, getting nature’s break is always a welcome event for Chicagoans. The Dan Hall Garden at the quad is also known for its beautiful flowers in the spring, which are maintained for aesthetic reasons. The honey-locust trees are especially adored by university goers. In the fall, the surrounding trees on the quad are perfect for fall sightseeing as the colors change. The University of Chicago’s, famous Rockefeller Chapel is considered one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture on campus and in the general Hyde Park area. The gorgeous Gothic architecture that stand around the University of Chicago’s quad are known for their beauty which may rival even those in Europe. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

25. Florida Southern College

best-college-quads-Florida Southern College

Florida Southern College which is located in Lakeland, Florida is one of the most famous campuses in the US which boasts the most buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Given Wright’s modern tastes, there aren’t any traditional quadrangles or ivy-covered brick buildings. However, the Annie Pfeiffer Chapel is an impressive building that is surrounded by beautiful shrubs located on the campus. Lake Hollingsworth acts as a replacement concept of the quadrangle, and many of the Wright buildings are built around the lake. There are a total of twelve buildings built by Wright. Buildings, pathways, fountains, gardens and atriums all give the campus an overall modern and ponderous effect.

24. Columbia University

best-college-quads-Columbia University

New York City’s single university with some idea of a campus is Columbia University. On campus is the Van Am Quad, which is located by the Rotunda. The quad is named after John Howard Van Amringe—former dean of Columbia. The Van Am Quad—also a memorial—is between Hamilton Hall and John Jay Hall. It is very close to the Taint Gate, Wallach Hall, and Hartley Hall. There are also benches with inscriptions beside the bust of Van Amringe. The rotunda and quad are surrounded by grassy lawns and constantly maintained for a green look. On the lawn are picnic tables, benches and gravel for color. The Van Am Quad is a perfect little sanctuary for students to get away from the city’s noise and stress. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

23. The Ohio State University

bet-college-quads-Ohio State University

The Ohio State University campus quad is referred to as the Oval. The Oval is the campus’ center location. It is favored by being a grassy hangout for students, staff, and faculty on campus. It is also appreciated for its beautiful brick paths which is great for biking and leisurely strolls. The benches are great for relaxing and taking in the scenery, or just reading. Some students enjoy the shade from the large trees found throughout the Oval. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

22. Miami University of Ohio

best-college-quads-Miami Univerity of Ohio

Miami University of Ohio’s central quad has several buildings surrounding it dedicated to student education and enhancement. The Hamilton Hall, which was built in 1940, was built on campus primarily to house sororities. MacCracken Hall is also located in the central quad and is primarily used as a residential hall. Also near the central quad is the Maplestreet Station. These stations have a fire alarm, fire sprinklers and electronic doors for accessing. Also near the quad are Minnich Hall, Richard Hall, and Scott Hall. The residential halls are located near the quad for ease of accessing a great view and for easy access to the dining halls or administrative buildings. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

21. Cornell University


Cornell University’s campus quad is separated into different parts. The North quad is known for its beautiful scenic Fall Creek Gorge. Cornell University has been working on three major projects. One is by OMA to build the Milstein Hall. Another is headed by Pei Cobb Freed to build the Johnson Museum. Another project currently headed by Desman is to build a new parking garage. These new constructions will also integrate stormwater managing resources and sustainable site maintenance for a greener campus life. Cornell University’s Arts quad is used for performances, lectures, concerts and other events. The location also has on-site parking and services for disabled individuals who need access. The Cornell Art’s quad also has the founders’ statues—Ezra Cornell and AD White. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

20. Denison University

best-college-quads-Denison University

Denison University is a beautiful campus located in Granville, Ohio. This 900-acre campus includes several quadrangles throughout. The Academic Quad includes the administration building, Davis Plaza, Fellows Hall, Learning Commons, William Howard Doane Library, Higley Hall and the Slayter Union. It is beautifully paved with a Gothic-inspired look. The surrounding trees in the fall give the walkways a beautifully picturesque look. The Science Quad includes the Samson Talbot Hall of BioScience, FW Olin Science Hall, Ebaugh Laboratories, and Herrick Performance Hall. As per tradition, near the quads is the Swasey Chapel. Also within walking distance of the chapel is the Admissions and Financial Aid Office. East and West Residential Quadrangles include dining halls and residential halls for students living on campus. The North Residential Quad has more campus residential halls, mostly for fraternity and sorority housing. The fine arts quad is dedicated to dance, theater, music, performance and recitals.

19. University of Georgia


The University of Georgia is located in Athens, Georgia. It is famous for its Federal architecture buildings, and for having a classic look. The university’s main quadrangle is an open green lawn that also doubles as the gateway to the west side of campus. The Georgia Quad has ancient canopy trees, and a cistern to collect rainwater. This space is used for main campus events, concerts, festivals, and for general student relaxation and recreation as necessary.

18. Hanover College

best-college-quads-Hanover College

Hanover College celebrates its gorgeous southern Indiana backdrop. The campus quad faces the Brown Chapel and is located near the Graham Brown Campus Center where students get their administrative needs met. The chapel is a gorgeous stained glass window structure that can seat up to 100 people at a time. The center dining room is also a short walk from the quad which also includes a lobby and patio. The Josephine Ogle Conference Center is also located close to the quad for students to access in case they need a space for meetings that also has a whiteboard, projector, and screen. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

17. College of the Atlantic

best-college-quads-College of the Atlantic

The College of the Atlantic is one of the greenest campuses in the US. It has 37 acres of land that includes a farm, research station, and a hundred acres of protected land that preserves trees and green. Located in Bar Harbor, Maine, the campus in its entirety is a beauteous place surrounded by water, green and plenty of fresh air. Being so close to the water, the campus is laid out so that the paths and buildings are parallel to the coast. Instead of a classic quad, there is a recreational lawn for students to gather their thoughts on and the Turrets Seaside Garden that grows local plants and wildlife. The campus lawn also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

16. Covenant College


Covenant College of Pasadena, California does not have a classic quadrangle on the main campus. However, it does have a chapel lawn, which is in its way a classic imitation of a quad. The chapel lawn gives students an opportunity to relax and take in the sunlight and nature while also working on their studies. Students may bring their laptops, books and papers to study on the chapel lawn for an open form of studying. The chapel lawn is also Covenant College’s main location for student events, concerts, and festivals. Local bands in, the area are known to have performed on Chapel lawn.

15. University of Virginia

The University of Virginia’s quad is commonly referred to as “The Lawn.” The Lawn is regarded as a gift that was conceived by the university’s founder Thomas Jefferson. With a large open field facing the Rotunda, it is the school’s center point. It is so beautiful that the UNESCO World Heritage Site considers it a masterpiece. Surrounding the Lawn are university buildings such as the Old Cabell Hall and Pavilions. The Lawn also has gardens with all kinds of flowers and trees. This gorgeous center of the university site is also the site where graduates walk to receive their diplomas at the end of their schooling. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

14. University of Utah


The University of Utah’s quad is a large square field with freshly maintained lawn, and a crisscross path that divides the field into four pieces. The chapel is visible directly from the quad, and in the distance, are beautiful mountains. The quad is also a meeting spot for many major university events such as awards ceremonies, government speeches, as well as fun winter recreation such as sledding on Old Main Hill. Biking is encouraged among students, and the quad has a designated area for storing bikes. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

13. Brown University


Brown University’s Wriston Quadrangle brings together all of the university’s main campus building together around a single square. The university dining hall, Sharpe Refectory and residential halls all surround the quadrangle for easy student access. The quad’s lawn and trees are well maintained to give the campus a green touch for students to take in. Keeney Quad has recently undergone a renovation. The Quad’s residence halls have been newly painted, and the floors have been newly installed. Lighting, elevators, lounges, and renovations to bathrooms have all been made to the Quad’s residence. The Quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

12. Baylor University

best-college-quads-Baylor University

Baylor University of Waco, Texas is a private institution with a thousand-acre campus located near the Brazos River. It is also close to the 1-35 freeway which connects Dallas to Austin. This enormous university has a campus quad built at the axis point where the north and south points of campus meet. It is traditionally likened to the Oxford-Cambridge, old English style of campus architecture. The courtyard includes an open lawn that is used for general gatherings among students, events, and festivals. The quad is walking distance to the Great Hall, the Chapel, the common room and dining hall. The Burleson Quadrangle is especially a beautiful part of campus which functions as a residence hall for students and is one of the oldest parts of campus.

11. University of Notre Dame


The University of Notre Dame, which is located in Notre Dame, Indiana, includes a campus lake and over 1,250 acres of land. Several quads are found throughout campus. The Main Quad, otherwise known on campus as the God Quad, has the Washington Hall. It is one of the most beautiful parts of campus, lush with trees, and open fields. The God Quad is close to the Memorial Library and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. The God Quad also includes Lewis Hall, St. Edward’s Hall, Sorin Hall and Walsh Hall, which are all housing for campus students or faculty. The North Quad includes Breen-Phillips Hall, Cavanaugh Hall, Farley Hall, Keenan Hall, Stanford Hall and Zahm Hall. These are also campus students or faculty residential housing. The Mod Quad includes Knott Hall, Pasquerilla East Hall, Pasquerilla West Hall and Siegfried Hall. They are all housing for campus students or faculty. The South Quad includes the Alumni Hall, Badin Hall Barroll Hall, Dillon Hall, Fisher Hall, Howard Hall, Lyons Hall, Morrissey Hall and the Pangborn Hall. These halls are either residential housing, alumni spaces, event spaces or dining halls. The West Quad includes the Duncan Hall, Keough Hall, McGlinn Hall, O’Neill Hall, Ryan Hall and the Welsh Family Hall. They are mostly housing for campus students or faculty.

10. Pepperdine University

best-college-quads-Pepperdine University

The Pepperdine University has several locations—the Malibu Campus, West LA Graduate Campus, Encino Graduate Campus, Irvine Graduate Campus, Silicon Valley Center, Westlake Village Graduate Campus, and other international locations. These dispersed locations make it difficult for students to envision a campus life, however, it’s easy to imagine the West Los Angeles Graduate Campus as the main headquarters for Pepperdine University given its beautiful on-site location’s scenery. This location also serves as the primary location for education and psychology students. This campus has a parking lot, bookstore, classrooms, library and administrative offices all surrounding the main quad for easy accessing.

9. Vassar College


Vassar College located in Poughkeepsie, New York is famous for its National Historic Landmarks located on its thousand-acre campus. Vassar boasts over a hundred buildings designed by a number of famous architects. The Vassar College residential quadrangle was built in the late 19th century for Vassar students for resident students. The quad was built with funds donated by John D. Rockefeller. In 2009, the quad was closed for renovations. The structure is being turned up to include a more energy efficient design, but the existing façade will be maintained. As an arboretum college, Vassar is a beautiful campus that doesn’t require a singular quadrangle to keep students satiated. The campus in its entirety is a wondrous landscape filled with trees and lawns. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

8. Duke University


Duke University’s historic West Campus quad was first constructed in the 1920s. Surrounding the quad are buildings and paths dedicated to higher learning. From the quad, the Duke Chapel is visible from the highest focal point on campus. There are beautiful oak trees down the paths giving the West Campus a nickname “University in the forest.” The East Campus also has a quad, which has plentiful lawn space for students who wish to rest on the grass. Surrounding the East Campus quad lawn is a path that’s great for strolls and biking. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

7. Thomas Aquinas College

best-college-quads-Thomas Aquinas College

Thomas Aquinas College of Santa Paula, California has what is referred to as the “crown jewel” of chapels. The Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity Chapel is a 15,000 square foot construction that is designed after a Spanish Mission style architecture. Outside of the chapel is a patch of lawn where campus people gather to meet after ceremonies or mass, which acts as a form of academic quad. The chapel also has a bell tower. It is a beautiful part of campus, and the sight is known to bring serenity.

6. Bates College

best-college-quads-Bates College

Bates College of Lewiston, Maine is one of the oldest coed universities established in the US and is well-known for its excellent liberal arts education. Bates College is approximately a hundred acres and includes the Bates Quadrangle, which is a green open space that is surrounded by trees. Depending on the season, the trees’ colors change from tree to red. The Bate Quad is close to the universities oldest buildings including the Chapel, Rand Hall, library, Lindholm House, Whittier House and Milliken House. It is the perfect spot for students to meet with one another and forget the stress from school and studies.

5. University of Alabama


The University of Alabama’s quad is the campus’ main center, which is not only a space that acts as the institution’s central point for surrounding buildings, but also a small green patch for students to come and enjoy on the lawn surrounded by the serenity of trees. Students also are found playing Frisbee or football on the quad. Beneath the quad is a burial of an old dorm building that dates back to the Civil War, which had burnt down, from a fire. The Gorgas Library is also near the quad. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

4. University of Arizona


The University of Arizona’s greenest part of campus is the arboretum on its main campus. It harbors a great collection of rare plants that live in arid conditions from all parts of the world including palms and olive trees. The preserved plants at the University of Arizona not only add a green touch to the campus’ overall beauty but also act as research material for science majors at the institution. In place of a traditional campus quad, students have a wondrous green sanctuary to visit to nurse their school stresses with some of nature’s touch. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

3. University of Washington


The University of Washington is known for its gorgeous Yoshino cherry blossom trees that canopy the quad’s green surface offering shade, color, scent and tone to the campus surrounding. It is most often referred to as one of the most beautiful college campuses in the United States. Students can lounge under this view for a peaceful break from their studies to relieve stress and tension from a hard day of studying. Because the University of Washington prides itself on its cherry blossom, each year, it announces when the season’s full-bloom of cherry blossoms have peaked so that visitors and university goers can enjoy the sight. The best time to see the blossoms is around mid-March and through early April. The quad also functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and performances.

2. Ohio University


Ohio University’s College Green is located in the heart of campus. It’s
close to Campus Safety administrative offices, dining halls, laundry
centers, a custodial and maintenance service center and garage parking.
The College Green includes plenty of space for students to enjoy, numerous
benches on pathways with access to class buildings, and green trees for
students who want to keep in touch with nature and relax. The area also
functions as a great event space for festivals, concerts, gatherings and

1. Santa Clara University


The Santa Clara University of Santa Clara, California is a Jesuit university dedicated to the Roman Catholic affiliation and education of students. Students pursue degrees in psychology, engineering, theology, business, and law, but the School of Engineering is the part of campus that includes a campus quadrangle. The Engineering Quad is a common location that hosts parties, events, functions, and meets. The School of Engineering has a community base thanks to the Engineering Quad. Students can meet and enjoy the outdoors while also getting acquainted with one another.