The 25 Best College Campus Hospitals

While it’s understandable for a student to consider how suited a school is for their desired major and how much it will cost to acquire a degree, it’s just as important to have access to top-notch medical facilities. Proximity to quality care is essential when the unexpected happens. Fortunately, many top colleges also have equally stellar medical facilities on or near campus where a student can receive comprehensive services, from emergency treatment to preventative care. Many of these hospitals and medical centers are actively engaged in cutting edge research that often includes greater access to innovative procedures and quality care, especially since many college hospitals also serve as teaching and academic hospitals.

25. Yale-New Haven Hospital


This 1,541-bed teaching hospital, affiliated with Yale Schools of Medicine and Nursing, is where some notable medical breakthroughs took place, including the first successful use of penicillin. Also recognized for nursing excellence, Yale-New Haven Hospital is known for its adult specialties, landing in the top ten on a U.S. News & World Report ranking within this category. As a whole, the hospital consistently ranks among the top rated hospitals in the country. The primary teaching hospital for Yale School of Nursing and Yale School of Medicine, the hospital includes a separate children’s hospital, cancer hospital and psychiatric hospital. The hospital receives mostly positive patient assessments based on overall level of care. Considered the largest hospital complex in New England, the hospital offers a Level I trauma center for adults, teens and children. In 2012, Yale-New Haven Hospital acquired nearby Hospital of Saint Raphael.

24. Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Considered a leader in patient care, medical education and research, this 584-bed hospital is home to the only dedicated burn center in the region. Vanderbilt University Medical Center is also known for its award-winning heart transplant program. The hospital often hosts clinical trials involving new medical treatments and innovative drugs. U.S. News & World Report ranked this medical facility as the top hospital in the state in its 2012-13 rankings. The medical center operates more than 50 satellite clinics throughout Tennessee and parts of Kentucky. More than a hundred laboratories conduct ongoing research, including many federally and corporately sponsored research efforts. The teaching hospital has received accolades for its effective and efficient conversion to electronic medical records. Nearly 2,000 physicians treat more than a million patients annually.

23. UPMC Presbyterian


The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and its affiliated healthcare and medical facilities consistently place UPMC as one of the top hospitals in the United States among all hospitals, not just college hospitals. UPMC is noted for its excellent transplant team, including many transplant firsts that have made headlines around the world, and top-notch cardiac care programs. UPMC operates 21 hospitals with nearly 5,000 beds along with numerous doctors’ offices and outpatient locations throughout the city and its surrounding communities. The hospital system was named to U.S. News & World Report’s Honor Roll of the top hospitals in the nation. UPMC’s Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh is ranked among the top pediatric hospitals in the United States. The UPMC Presbyterian campus serves as the medical center’s flagship facility. Additional facilities within the UPMC family include a women’s hospital and a teaching and Level 1 trauma hospital. Many of these facilities are easily accessible from the University of Pittsburgh campus.

22. University of Washington Medical Center


Once the nation’s smallest teaching hospital, this 450-bed hospital has pioneered innovative technologies and programs such as linking surgical checklists to minimize medical complications. The University of Washington Medical Center has achieved high rankings in several specialties, including geriatrics, internal medicine, rehabilitation medicine and primary care. The facility is also noted for being home to the first long-term kidney dialysis and an innovative pain treatment center. the nationally renowned hospital has achieved high ratings in primary care, rehabilitation medicine, internal medicine, urology, oncology and orthopedics. In 2013, the medical center formed a strategic affiliation with PeaceHealth.

21.University of Michigan Medical Center


The medical center includes a women’s hospital, a neuroscience center and a cancer care center. U.S. News & World Report has ranked the hospital as being at the top of its class for six of the 16 specialties offered. The medical center is noted for taking innovative measures to improve patient safety. The University of Michigan Medical Center includes a highly-rated children’s hospital and women’s hospital. The ICU has nearly 200 beds, among the highest in the nation. The various facilities that make up the medical center offer specialized care for depression, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and burn care. Affiliations with nearby health institutions bring quality care to smaller facilities that may not have sufficient resources to offer a higher level of patient care.

20.University of Maryland Medical Center


This Magnet-accredited hospital (for its nursing program) has been rated as one of the top hospitals in the nation for quality of patient care and patient safety. The 675-bed facility is known for innovative procedures such as the first full-face transplant. The University of Maryland Medical Center is comprised of nine acute care, specialty and rehabilitation hospitals staffed by over a thousand attending physicians. The medical center is noted for several firsts, including the first heart and liver transplant in the state and the world’s first shock trauma center. Students and members of the surrounding communities also have access to a top-rated emergency department and medical facilities offering low-level x-rays to minimize radiation exposure and access to an innovative headache clinic.

19.University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics


With facilities that include a 190-bed children’s hospital and a 711-bed hospital, this group of hospitals and clinics is known for its overall commitment to patient care. Overseen by the Iowa Board of Regents, the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics was ranked as the top hospital in the state for 2012-13 by U.S. News & World Report and has consistently ranked high in previous rankings based on factors such as patient care and satisfaction and available resources. The affiliated Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver College of Medicine consistently ranks among the best medical facilities in the country. Highly rated specialties include ophthalmology and visual sciences, rehabilitation, cancer care, gynecology, kidney care and neurology. An ambulatory care clinic was added in 2012. Online patient reviews are consistently positive. Additional care is available at affiliated clinics in the area.

18. University of Colorado Hospital


Considered among the premier academic research institutions, this hospital’s cancer center is nationally accredited as a comprehensive care center. The school also has an excellent nursing program and has been recognized for consistently delivering quality patient care. An expanded emergency department was opened in 2014. The University of Colorado Hospital ranks first in pulmonology care, followed by notable rankings in cancer care and the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Affiliated facilities include separate inpatient and outpatient facilities, an eye institute, an addiction and rehabilitation center and neighborhood clinics.

17. University of Chicago Medical Center


Recognized as a world-class research institute and a neighborhood health care provider, this medical facility has had an association with a dozen Nobel Prize winners. The facility provides millions of dollars in uncompensated care annually while making strides in stem cell research and other patient-centered research. Facilities affiliated with or operating as a part of the University of Chicago Medical Center include Pritzker School of Medicine, an adult inpatient care facility, a maternity and women’s hospital, an outpatient care facility and regional physician offices. A 10-story Center for Care and Discovery, dedicated to “seamless care delivery,” was recently opened.

16. University Medical Center at Princeton


Dating back to the early 1900s, this facility recently added a $400 million-plus hospital campus with 231 single-patient rooms with state-of-the-art features and accessories. The facility includes ten centers, each with different specialties ranging from eating disorders to cancer. The hospital has affiliations with Penn Medicine and Philadelphia’s Children’s Hospital. The University Medical Center at Princeton has earned high ratings in patient safety and overall patient satisfaction. With many affiliated facilities in close proximity to the school or right on campus, students have easy access to the medical center’s preventative care and acute care resources.

15.Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center


Considered a leading provider of health care in the mid-west, this group of medical facilities includes hospitals and clinics to treat children and teens along with a well-respected heart hospital. Avera McKennan Hospital and University Health Center ranked as the top hospital in the state by U.S. News & World Report and among the top 100 hospitals on another ranking.

14. University Hospital


Affiliated with the University of Utah, this hospital recently added a multi-specialty center. The hospital also has a unique patient care pavilion and a health and wellness center. In 2012, it was ranked the best hospital in the Salt Lake City region for overall patient experience. On the education side, the hospital offers training in approximately 200 medical specialties, including gynecology, geriatrics, oncology and cardiology. The hospital, with a staff of over 1,100 board certified physicians spread throughout the main hospital and ten local clinics, has received many positive patient ratings. University Hospital also operated several specialty centers, including a diabetes center and a cardiovascular center.

13. UCSF Medical Center


The University of California, San Francisco Medical Center has highly rated patient ratings based on care that ranges from basic checkups to organ transplants. The Magnet-accredited hospital ranks as one of the top ten hospitals in the United States according to U.S. News & World Report rankings for 2012-13. The hospital recently assembled a “Dream Team” to offer comprehensive pancreatic care and innovative breast cancer treatments. The medical center is noted for its groundbreaking research programs involving AIDS, cancer and the search for innovative treatments. Three new hospitals, specializing in women’s health, cancer and children’s care, are slated to be added to the medical center in 2015. UCSF Medical Center includes the Parnassus center, which serves as the main campus, a children’s hospital, dental and nursing facilities and the Langley Porter Psychiatric Institute. Mount Zion Hospital, also part of the UCSF Medical Center, offers access to a cancer care center and a women’s health center.

12. UC San Diego Medical Center


The top-ranked hospital in the San Diego area, UC San Diego Medical Center offers a variety of patient care options and preventative care programs. The academic facility also includes a highly-rated cardiovascular center. The hospital, with a goal of advancing medical discoveries, made headlines with breakthrough research involving brain tumors. The medical center has the only burn center in the region along with a one of two Level 1 trauma centers in the area and a Level III neonatal care unit. The medical center also includes a stroke care center focusing on the treatment of stroke victims and research to detect stroke risks as early as possible. An additional medical center specializing in cardiac care is scheduled to open in 2016.

11. UAB Hospital


A Level 1 trauma center, the UAB Hospital is located directly on the University of Alabama at Birmingham campus, echoing a common benefit of many university and college hospitals for students looking to be close to highly-rated medical facilities. The 1046-bed facility provide a wide range of comprehensive patient care, ranging from emergency care to long-term treatments. The hospital is also considered a major center for innovative treatments and clinical research. The hospital’s staff, including a mix of specialists from around the world and highly-rated nursing staff, has been recognized for providing world-class patient care. UAB Hospital’s diverse resources include a trauma and burn center, a heart care center, an ambulatory clinic, a genetics clinic and a prenatal care clinic. The teaching hospital, noted for its comprehensive cancer care center that’s unique to the region, also encourages blood donations through its blood donation center where patients can donate their own blood for surgery or students can come to donate blood when supplies are low.

10. Thomas Jefferson University Hospital


Noted for excellence in patient care, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital ranks among the best hospitals in the country for orthopedic care. The Magnet-designated school is noted for nursing excellence and patient-centered care. The hospital, with 957 acute care beds, ranks high in patient satisfaction surveys. Affiliated medical facilities are located throughout the city and surrounding communities for easy access to a wide range of patient care solutions. The hospital offers premier programs addressing bone and joint issues, sports-related injuries, women’s health issues and surgical services. Some of the specialist physicians on staff also serve the Philadelphia Eagles football team in areas such as orthopedics, neurosurgery and sports medicine.

9. Stanford Hospital & Clinics


Ranked nationally in 13 adult specialties, Stanford Hospital & Clinics consists of six separate centers, including a 613-bed hospital. The facilities within this medical group offer specialized care ranging from neurology and cancer care to cardiac care to neurosurgery. The hospital is also a world-renowned center for organ transplants. An outpatient cancer center was recently added to the hospital, which ranks among the top 20 hospitals nationwide for its various cancer treatment programs. The hospital also has earned national rankings for its ear, nose and throat programs.

8. Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital


An award-winning Magnet hospital, Indiana University Health Methodist Hospital is the flagship facility of IU Health, comprised of 16 hospitals throughout the region. The hospital is known for its community involvement and nationally recognized clinical trials and research programs.

7. Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania


Ranked as the best hospital in the region by U.S. News & World Report, the hospital is known around the world for its research and clinical excellence, including offering innovative treatments and developing effective preventative care procedures. The 784-bed hospital include a staff of approximately 2,000 physicians and specialists. The facility is highly ranked in more than a dozen adult specialties. The Philadelphia-based hospital is also noted for its clinical training and comprehensive nursing program.

6. Hackensack University Medical Center


Originally the first hospital in Bergen County, Hackensack University Medical Center has been ranked as the top hospital in New Jersey. The medical facility is recognized nationally in eight adult specialties. During Hurricane Sandy, the hospital deployed its mobile satellite emergency department throughout the region.

5. Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center


Ranked among the top five hospitals in the United States, Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center rates high for overall patient care. The hospital is also known for many innovative firsts such as the first shoulder replacement. The Operation Mend program offers quality care to returning military veterans. Many of the nation’s top reconstructive surgeons are on staff to treat facial injuries and similar medical issues.
The hospital is also rated as one of the “best places in Los Angeles to have a baby” due to its exceptional prenatal care programs and infant care facilities. The preferred medical provider of the Lakers, the hospital is also noted for its comprehensive medical support and mental health programs.

4. Emory University Hospital


Staffed exclusively by School of Medicine faculty, this 579-bed hospital is considered a leader in oncology, cardiology, neurosciences and transplantation. Ranked as one of the top hospitals in Georgia, the hospital has earned praise for its wide range of specialties. Emory is also noted for several innovative firsts, including corneal transplants and angioplasty. The hospital has also made great strides in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. While welcoming anybody in need of medical care, the hospital specializes in acute care, leading the way in the fields of cardiology, oncology and organ transplants. More than 30,000 patients visit the hospital’s emergency department facilities in Atlanta annually.

3. Duke University Hospital


Once a small regional hospital, Duke University Hospital is now a world-renowned 924-bed academic hospital. Part of the “Research Triangle of North Carolina” that includes UNC Hospitals and WakeMed Raleigh, the hospital is also noted for several innovative medical firsts, including the world’s first brain tumor program and the first outpatient program specific to bone marrow issues. The hospital operates an innovative MRI center dedicated exclusively to cardiac care. In 2013, U.S. News & World Report ranked it as the top hospital in the state and among the ten best hospitals in the United States. As an interesting side note, the hospital recently expanding parking availability to make it easier for visitors to quickly find a place to park when visiting the hospital or any of its centers.

2. Baystate Medical Center


Affiliated with Tufts University School of Medicine, this 716-bed academic and teaching hospital and its related facilities is noted for its innovative Hospital of the Future. The emergency department is the second-busiest in Massachusetts. Many of the medical center’s affiliated centers are considered among the best healthcare facilities in the state. The center has been named among the top 100 hospitals in the country. Recent additions include an updated emergency and trauma center. Baystate has also received numerous accolades for patient safety and overall quality of patient care. The medical center’s surgery center specializes in minimally invasive surgical procedures with the goal of achieving a faster recovery time and increased patient comfort. The hospital has also received high rankings for cardiovascular care and its rehabilitation and hip and knee surgery programs.

1. Baylor University Medical Center


Known for offering the latest cancer-fighting techniques, this 1,065-bed system includes six specific medical facilities. It has received high national ratings for urology, gynecology, orthopedics and heart care. In 2012, an innovative, multimillion dollar cancer center was opened as part of this medical center. The medical center has also ranked high on U.S. News & World Report’s listing of seven common adult specialties. The individual facilities within this medical system have also received high ratings for patient care. The center also has an excellent physician and nurse training program, with many students going on to work for the hospital. With over 1,200 physicians on staff and over a thousand available beds, the medical center and its affiliated centers serve much of the Dallas area.