25 Must Follow Pinterest Accounts For College Students

Social Media has become a vital part of everyday life and those students enrolled in college are no different. Here are our suggestions for 25 must-follow Pinterest Accounts that are always updating and pinning everything from spring break locations, college fashions, your football team stats and scholarships opportunities.

1. Smart College Visit

25 Best Pinterest Accounts Smart College Visit

Smart College Visit Pinterest Account

Smart College Visit is especially helpful as it has great tips and tricks for planning a campus visit including budgeting for the trip and how to get the most out of the visit. They also you find open house dates and hotels that are close to campus. Some of their boards include: dorm decorating ideas, college bound advice, scholarship mom tips international travel and education and college parents.

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2. College Lifestyles

25 Pinterest Accounts to Follow College Lifestyles

College Lifestyles Pinterest Account

College Lifestyles is the official Pinterest account for College Lifestyles Magazine. It’s so great because it includes a little bit of everything having to do with college life – from fashion to fun to fitness. Some of their boards include celeb looks for less, all about the shoes and beauty aids.

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3. POPSUGAR Fitness

25 Best Pinterest Accounts to Follow POPSUGAR Fitness

POPSUGAR Fitness Pinterest Account

At POPSUGAR fitness their motto is “Healthy happy you.” Something that college students oftentimes struggle with is how to stay healthy and not pack on those ten extra pounds the first year of college. This account has some fantastic boards on easy ways to stay fit and healthy such as inspirational fitness quotes, smoothies and juice, healthy breakfast and all things running.

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25 Best Pinterest Accounts CNET

CNET Pinterest Account

No student can make it through college without the latest technology at their fingertips. Whether you are a true techie or not, the boards on this account will help you know everything there is to know about gadgets and gizmos you can’t live without. They pin all the tech that makes your life awesome. Just a few of their many techie boards include geeks only, geek DIY, exclusively android and headphones.

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5. UniSunn 144 College Football Boards

25 Best Pinterest Boards UniSunn College football

UniSunn 144 College Football Boards Pinterest Account

For lots of college students the experience of a college football game is quintessential. Major college football programs like USC, Notre Dame, Oregon, Alabama, Michigan and Ohio State pack thousands, some cases hundreds of thousands of people into their stadiums, not taking into account those left without a ticket. From the bands, to the tailgating and fight songs, college athletics are not only a brand for the University but also a massive part of campus life. UniSunn 144 College Football helps break down your Alma Mater or hometown team with their unique boards and pins.

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6. GradGuard

25 Best Pinterest Accounts to follow GradGuard

GradGuard Pinterest Account

GradGuard is full of boards that offer financial advice including how to budget for college, how to prevent identity theft and gearing up for internships and jobs. Their mission is to protect your investment in higher education. Some of their boards include: college student health, paying for college, on a student budget and spring break.

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7. Evident News

25 Best Pinterest Accounts to follow Evident News

Evident News Pinterest Account

Evident News has created an account that is certainly newsworthy. If you like to keep up with what all things news check out their boards: breaking news, current events, trending, and world news. They state they are the most simplistic creative news website in the world.

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8. Student Caring

25 Best Pinterest Accounts to Follow Student Caring

Student Caring Pinterest Account

The Student Caring account creates boards and posts pins that will help college students make the most of their college education in all areas including faculty, parents, dorm life and administration. They really do care and want to help students by helping them to understand their strengths and challenges.

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9. MeetMyCollege

25 Best Pinterest Accounts to follow MeetMyCollege

MeetMyCollege Pinterest Account

MeetMyCollege features boards on colleges all throughout the country and abroad. Their boards are broken down into geographical areas and include: winning west coast, marvelous mid-west campuses, sweet southern campuses, east coast charm, and majestic mountain colleges. This is a great one to follow if you are still deciding on which college to attend. They offer the ability to talk directly to your dream college.

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10. My Everything College

25 Best Pinterest College Accounts My Everything College

My Everything College Pinterest Account

My Everything College pinterest accounts offer tips for success in college. It is their goal to help college students achieve great financial, social and academic success. They features boards on college applications, college room design, jobs, sports, college infographics, mascots and more.

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11. USA Today

25 Best Pinterest Accounts to follow USA Today Education

USA Today Education Pinterest Account

USA is of course one of the top National newspapers in the country but they have expanded their efforts, branching out with social media. The USA Today Education board boasts fabulous ideas on scholarships, dorm organization, top reads, you name it.

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12. Something Greek

25 Best Pinterest Accounts to Follow Something Greek

Something Greek Pinterest Account

If you are a college student looking for the Greek Life and not the Geek Life check out this account. All boards have to do with sorority and fraternity clothing and other fun items. Check them out: cheap sorority gifts diy, new Greek product ideas, awesome Greek designs, Greek accessories and gifts and fraternity and sorority inspiration.

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13. b&ncollege

25 Best Pinterest Accounts b&n

b&N College Pinterest Account

Normally when you see B&N (Barnes & Nobel) you automatically think books. This account is more than just book, however. It offers several boards for college students to follow including dorm décor, school and studying, grad gift ideas, life as an alumni and teas, coffees & cafes.

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14. Campus Book Rentals

25 Best Pinterest Accounts College Book Rentals

Campus Book Rentals Pinterest Account

Campus Book Rentals is another account that is more than just books. It offers boards on college humor, homework help and college do-it-yourself. You can follow their boards for fashion advice, book rentals and tons of other top-need college products.

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15. Flashnotes

25 Best pinterest accounts flashnotes

Flashnotes Pinterest Account

Flashnotes is an online social community that helps college students access college notes, study guides and flashcards. There are some pretty cool boards to check out including: summer bucket list, keep calm and study on, college 101, life after college, nerdy humor and fund your college experience.

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16. The Gracious Pantry

25 Best Pinterest Accounts The Gracious Pantry

The Gracious Pantry Pinterest Account

The Gracious Pantry is run by Tiffany McCauley is a cookbook author, food blogger and full time mom, who creates clean eating recipes for everyday living for all kinds of people, including college students living in a dorm room. She has some great boards on eating clean: clean eating grocery lists, clean eating game day, clean eating coffee drinks and clean eating for back to school.

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17. American Made Dorm & Home

25 Best Pinterest Accounts American Made Dorm & home

American Made Dorm & Home Pinterest Account

The American Made Dorm & Home account has boards for all your dorm room needs. Look for fun, creative and easy ways to decorate, furnish and organize your dorm room. Boards include: dorm room makeover, dorm bedding made in America, pink and gray dorm, classic oxford boys dorm and dorm room organization.

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18. College Tourist

25 Best Pinterest Accounts College Tourist

College Tourist Pinterest Accounts

College Tourist is a blogging community for students all over the world. This account caters to every college student – whether they are going to their local community college or studying abroad half-way around the world. If you are a traveling college student be sure to check out: college tourist road trip, places to visit before you die and travel accessories.

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19. Study in the USA

25 Best Pinterest Accounts to follow USA Today Education

Study in the USA Pinterest Account

Study in the USA helps to connect and attract students from other countries to go to college in the United States. Even if you are from the United States looking to go to school here, you’ll like some of their boards: east coast schools and universities, student cooking, university tips, campus life and books worth reading.

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20. Casey the College Celiac

25 Best Pinterest Accounts to follow Casey the College Caliac

Casey the College Celiac

Casey the College Celiac – Casey’s account gives great tips and ideas for surviving college with celiac disease and trying to maintain a gluten-free life. Her boards include: gluten free dinner ideas, gluten food dessert recipes, celiac humor and gluten free and celiac blogging.

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21. Scholarship Experts

25 Best Pinterest Accounts Scholarship Experts

Scholarship Experts

Scholarship Experts pinterest boards is an award-winning free matching service helps students and parents find scholarships for college and grad school. While most of their boards such as financial aid help, college planning, and college admissions are pretty serious, they also have fun boards like college quotes, college zombies, just for fun and college fashionista.

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22. Safety Technology

25 Best Pinterest Accounts Safety Technology

Safety Technology

Safety Technology is a company that distributes self defense products and are serious about safety. Their boards include: self defense weaponry, personal safety tips, martial arts, defensive moves for safety, how to use a stun gun and carjacking prevention. They also have less serious boards such as: social media trends, do it yourself and yummy food.

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23. College Fashion

25 Best Pinterest Accounts College Fashion

College Fashion Pinterest Accounts

College Fashion is an online magazine is written by college students for college students who wants to skip the sweats and sweatshirts and go to college in style! Their boards are all about fashion and include: fashion inspiration, stylish school supplies, for your next party and nailspiration.

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24. Saving for College LLC

25 Best Pinterest Accounts Saving for College

Saving for College Pinterest Account

Saving for College inspires followers to find effective ways to save for college. Their boards include: teaching kids about money, personal finance, for grandparents, saving for college resources and saving for college recommended reading.

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25. Fearless Parent

25 Best Pinterest Account Fearless Parent

Fearless Parent Pinterest Account

Fearless Parent is based on the best selling author Harry H Harrison, Jr. gives great insight on raising kids to succeed in the adult world. His boards include: fearless dads, fearless teens, fearless college students, education, parenting books, philosophy and wisdom

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