The 25 Best Masters in Organizational Leadership

The Masters in Organizational Leadership prepares managers for the human side of management, developing strategies that increase retention, decrease turnover and help companies to take full advantage of their human capital. The Masters in Organizational Leadership takes all of the principals of management and presents them in a human-focused instead of theoretical approach.

Professionals that embark on an online degree in Organizational Leadership will learn how to use their emotional intelligence to work with people and develop creative solutions to common problems within organizations. The Masters in Organizational Leadership degree is more relevant than ever, with companies seeking ways to recruit and retain top talent.

It has become a human resources challenge to find the right people to fill open positions, and to keep them onboard to grow with the organization. The Masters in Organizational Leadership addresses this and other common challenges and prepares students to lead for-profit, government, and non-profit organizations.

Courses of Study

Some of the main courses of study include those in human resource management, conflict resolution, communication, and mediation. Students can also choose specializations to further their expertise in specific areas of study. These specialties include:

  • Nonprofit ManagementWith a specialization in non-profit management, students learn to run not for profit organizations, both small and large. In this track, you will learn how to manage fundraising campaigns, recruit top talents like development staff, administrative staff, and volunteers. You will also learn to manage organizations while meeting standards for non-profit operation.
  • Organizational and Leadership CoachingA management track with a focus on organizational and leadership coaching is a "train the trainer" of sorts and will prepare you for consulting and leading through coaching. Students who take this course of study will be prepared to lead teams through careful business analysis and in-depth coaching. You will learn how to advise organizations on hiring practices and develop strategies for motivating and retaining staff.
  • Healthcare ManagementStudents who specialize in healthcare management prepare for careers in hospitals, clinics, and independent labs. Graduates of these programs go on to manage hospital teams, develop operations strategies and create plans for growth and expansion. Healthcare management students learn the ins and out of hospital operations and work in real world simulations that help them to understand how to lead healthcare organizations.
  • Project ManagementThe degree in project management guides the student through the entire process of developing and delivering projects. The project management concentration allows students to explore the full range of the project management process, from conception to completion. Students prepare to work on teams in corporations and in startups.

Salaries for upper-level managers increase with increased credentials, and graduates with degrees in Organizational Management earn higher than average salaries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of upper-level managers is $97,270. The top managers earn a median salary of more than $145,000, and the salary can vary by geographic region.

Many graduates go on to work for Fortune 500 companies, non-profit agencies, and the government. Others go on to run small companies and work in consulting and coaching. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly a third of all C-level managers hold a master's degree, many of them masters degrees in business.

The Top 25 Schools for Organizational Leadership Master's Degrees

Based in Ohio, Tiffin University offers a Masters in Business Administration with a concentration in Organizational Leadership. Students in this program work to strengthen their leadership skills and develop new solutions for existing and new business problems. Courses are offered on weekends and in evenings to accommodate the needs of working adults.

Students take courses in management, leadership, ethics and communication. Decision-making skills are highly stressed, and students can expect a rigorous course of study. Students can study completely online or undergo a hybrid course of study, taking some classes on campus and others completely online.​

Offered entirely online, the Master's degree in Organizational Leadership is one of Pacific Oaks' College's most popular business programs. The basis of the degree is that successful leadership requires in-depth knowledge, and the program provides rigorous instruction that promotes a deep understanding of the subject matter. Students are expected to make the primary focus on ethical leadership, and a course in ethics is part of the core requirement for the degree.

options for the degree and offers flexible scheduling that meets the needs of working adults.

At Colorado, Technical University students can study toward a Master of Science degree in Management with a concentration in Organizational Leadership and Change. The degree curriculum is designed to focus on an in-depth understanding of research, strategy, methodology and leadership.Students learn the key skills needed to become upper-level managers and lead large teams. They also apply theory to real world situations and work with other students to develop solutions.

Students study in seven core courses, including leadership and change, decision making, organizational design and change management. Students can also choose a concentration in management, leadership or organizational design.

The program requires 48 program hours and can be completed in 18-24 months.

Our Lady of the Lake is one of several universities in Texas that offers online Master's degree. The MS in Organizational Leadership brings with it a strong focus on ethics, theory, and leadership. Students use the real-world application as the basis for their study and seek innovative solutions to existing problems. Students in the program are professionals in the field from the non-profit, government, and private sectors.

The Master's in Organizational Leadership touches on leadership theory, organizational management, and business communications.

Students work together in cohorts, completing a course every eight weeks. The students are taught by distinguished faculty and are supported by a strong guidance office.

Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois is a small, private university centered on Christian faith and values. The University offers an Online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, and its graduates go on to careers in human resource management, industrial and organizational psychology and upper-level management. There is a heavy emphasis on conflict resolution and ethics.

The 37 credit hour program requires core courses in social responsibility, leadership, and management. Students can then drill down their knowledge with a concentration in either nonprofit management, organizational management, training and development, education management and coaching.

Each course lasts for eight weeks, and the program is completed in 18 months.​

Colorado is known for its distance learning options, and Colorado State University's program is one of the top-ranked nationwide. The University offers an Online Master of Science in Organizational Leadership. Students tackle complex changes in the global marketplace, develop new business processes and implement new policies and procedures in the workplace. With small class sizes and affordable tuition, Colorado State University offers one of the most sought after Masters programs in the country.

Students complete nine core courses in team leadership, development, psychology and organizational leadership. From there, program participants choose elective courses in human resource management, accounting, information technology and project management.

Many students complete the program in less than two years.

The online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership degree program at Regent University covers strategic planning, employee incentives and motivation, group business strategies, organizational development, and business technology. Students are required to take 33 credits to complete the degree and most graduate within 18 months.

Concentrations include human resource management, coaching, consulting, mentoring and communication. Students work together on group projects and conduct in-depth research in the field. Admission is offered on a rolling basis, and the program is highly competitive.

Science degree in Organizational Change Leadership (MSOCL)is one of the highest rated programs in the Midwest. In this program, students apply leadership skills to real-world challenges and sharpen their critical thinking and decision-making skills. They work together in cohorts, and the program is delivered completely in an online format. Students use message boards, chat rooms, and email to work through lessons and master the material.

Students who graduate with the Masters of Science in Organizational Change Leadership go on to work as consultants, change managers and trainers. Students take 12-15 hours of elective courses and learn everything from business ethics to consumer behavior and psychology.

The program is designed so that most students can complete it in two years.

Robert Morris University's online Master's degree in Organizational Leadership focuses heavily on student experience and takes advantage of their in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of industries, from non-profit to small business.

The program allows students to delve deeper into the minds and methodologies of leaders and how they use theories and strategies to navigate conflict, engage in critical thinking and information management. They also analyze workplace behavior and tailor it to common challenges.

The program consists of seven required courses and six elective courses. Students work in groups and individually on varied projects.

Robert Morris University's master's program offers flexible schedules that are tailored to the schedules of working professionals. Students learn from business leaders and faculty who are masters in their fields. There is a focus on relationship building and interpersonal communication.

Norwich University offers the Master Public Administration with a Leadership concentration. The program is geared toward working adults and offers flexible scheduling and professors with industry knowledge and experience. The students hail from a wide range of sectors, from non-profit to government and private corporations. There is a strong focus on community involvement using the tools learned in the program.

Students have five concentrations from which to choose. Organizational Leadership is one of the main areas, and students find that it prepares them for careers in upper-level management. There degree can be completed in as little as 18 months, and many students embark on the 30-hour program while working full-time.

The Master's of Science in Administration offers a specialization in Organizational Leadership that prepares students for positions in high-level management. The program offers courses that simulate real-world business scenarios. Core courses include those in business writing, managerial communications, and leadership. Students embark on a 24 credit hour plan of study, which culminates in a final project. Students work together in cohorts, completing a series of modules on a range of topics.

Azusa Pacific University College is based in Azusa, California, and is one of the few Christian-centered online universities that offer a Master's Degree in Leadership and Organization. Students work together in a cohort, navigating through coursework with the same group of peers and starting new segments every eight weeks. Azusa Pacific University's program is focused on developing the whole person, focusing heavily on ethics and judgment while emphasizing the need for greater interpersonal interaction in the workplace.

Designed to mirror that of the typical workplace, Saint Mary's University's Master of Organizational Leadership consists of five themed semesters. Each semester tackles another major challenge or issue faced by upper-level managers. The themed semesters are Learning Leader, Connected Leader, Adaptive Leader, Global Leader and Strategic Leader. Saint Mary's University of Minnesota has a heavy focus on the use of new technology in developing innovative solutions to new and existing workplace problems.

The University of Denver offers the Master's in Management and Organization and is regarded as one of the top schools for business in the West. Students can blend both online and in-person courses, and the degree can be completed in as little as 30 hours. Required coursework includes courses in quantitative analysis, business strategy, sports management, non-profit management, human resources planning and strategy and execution.

Offering both online and in-person courses, Saint Louis University offers a 36-hour Master's degree designed specifically for working adults. Students complete the program in eight-week increments, and the program is heavily project based. Students are expected to develop in three key areas---interpersonal, group and organizational development.Students are encouraged to use their creativity and develop ethical solutions to existing problems.

The Milano School of International Affairs, Management and Urban Policy offers a rigorous program that leads to the Masters in Organizational change. The program focuses on developing student creativity to address problems of group dynamics and initiate change. Students are expected to work together in teams to complete projects and use their industry experience and knowledge to develop solutions. Students often go on to careers in management and coaching, leadership and small business management.

Northwestern University's Kellogg School of Management offers the MS in Management Studies that includes an extensive study in organizational leadership. Students can earn their degrees in as little as 10 months with accelerated courses, weekend and weeknight classes online. After graduation, students can qualify to earn an MBA in as little as one year. The school also offers career coaching and alumni support from its extensive network.

The College of Business and Economics offers an online Master's in Organizational Leadership, with a focus on leadership and management. In this program, students take a strategic approach to leadership, building on their existing skills while formulating plans to tackle new ones. Students can also take specialization courses in enterprise resource leadership and management, human resource management and project management.

This brick and mortar college is based in New York and offers its Master's in Organizational Leadership completely online. In this program, students are presented with theoretical concepts that they can apply to real-world managerial challenges. Students are encouraged to find solutions to these problems and use their industry knowledge to develop new business concepts. St. Joseph's College offers one of the most flexible schedules of any other online program. Students attend every other week, taking Saturday and weeknight classes.

One of the most affordable programs, Fresno Pacific University, offers an online Masters of Arts in Leadership and Organizational Studies. The program, which students can complete in as little as 18 months, costs less than half of that of other online universities. The roster of instructors includes top talent in health care, non-profit, and the corporate sector. Students in Fresno Pacific's Master's program learn what is needed to step into positions of management, and work as directors and high-level executives.

Based in Connecticut, Quinnipiac University has one of the top-rated programs in Organizational Leadership and Management. Their online program can be completed in as little as 18 months, with an accelerated program that is customized for professionals in the field.Students work in small groups, developing strategies and policy decisions that transform organizations, both small and large. The program focuses heavily on self-awareness, ethics, forward thinking and interpersonal leadership. Students are encouraged to understand the value of human capital in the workplace.

Set in the backdrop of vibrant New York City, Manhattan College is one of the top schools for the Masters in Organizational Management. The University offers an online program that is tailored for the working student and is comprised of more than 25 courses in management, leadership, and communication. The program focuses heavily on interpersonal communication, organizational psychology, and human resource management. The degree program starts with a personalized assessment of the student's strengths and weaknesses, creating a program that is tailored to their needs. It ends with a capstone project in which students apply their learning to real-world settings.

The online arm of this Spokane, Washington University offers an accelerated program that allows you to earn your Masters in Organizational Management in as little as 18 months. The 30-credit program includes courses in leadership, ethics, human resources management and ethics. Students are challenged to uncover common problems in leadership and management and to develop creative and innovate solutions to those problems. Gonzaga University offers flexible scheduling, rolling admissions, and scholarships. The university also offers discounts for full-time teachers, principals and clergy in the Diocese of Spokane.

George Washington University has a strong reputation for academic excellence and is one of the top schools for the Organizational Leadership Master's Degree. The school offers an online program that is geared toward working adults and professionals in the field. The online Master's degree in Organizational Leadership prepares you with the tools you need to manage teams, make solid hiring choices and manage a project. In this program, students learn to progressively build on their leadership skills while working in cohesive teams.

The Master's in Organizational Leadership at George Washington University is rigorous and pushes students to think beyond their boundaries. Many students in the program are already professionals in their fields and are seeking advanced understanding of the subject matter.

The program is frequently updated to deliver the most timely information in the face of an ever-changing marketplace. Arguably the most highly rated master's program for organizational leadership, George Washington University's online degree program is both convenient and relevant.