The 20 Best Online Bachelors In Nursing Degree Programs

Nursing is one of the most absorbing and, increasingly, lucrative professions in the country. The education, training, and high standard of performance expected of nurses make them an elite group within the field of medicine. The transformation in the health care industry over the last couple of decades put patient care, healing, and wellness at the center of medicine. The complexities of this now well-established purpose have increased the demands made on nurses, which has in turn re-made nursing itself into a more exacting science.

If are looking to attain advanced education in nursing, doing a traditional 4-year degree program may not be tenable. Fortunately, the endless demand for qualified and credentialed Registered Nurses and nurses with BSNs has given rise to first-rate online programs.

Listed below are the top 20 online nursing bachelor degree programs.

20. West Texas A&M University

You can complete your nursing degree in just one year at this campus of West Texas A&M, depending on how much time you can give to your studies. Graduates of the school have advanced into management and executive positions of various kinds in the health care industry. The excellent reputation of the school makes it a prime recruitment ground for hospitals throughout the nation.

One of the great advantages of this program is that students are allowed to begin course work before the start of each semester. The program is fully accredited by the necessary state boards.

The tuition is $11,106.

19. Minot State University

The beautiful and serene campus of Minot State University hosts this excellent online nursing degree program. Students must complete 122 credit hours to graduate. The courses are delivered in an entirely virtual format. There is one mandatory clinical course, which you can arrange to do in your locale under the supervision of a qualified faculty member or clinical mentor. You can enroll part-time or full-time. Choosing the latter option will allow you to complete the course within 18 months.

Each course in this program is designed to build on your previous work experience both in and out of the medical field.

The tuition is $10,928.

18. Washburn University

Washburn University uses a cohort model so that students can network and build professional relationships that will help them advance in the nursing profession. This is at the core of its success as one of the most popular and best value-for-money degree programs in the country. You can complete the degree program in 12 months if you enroll full-time; 18 months if you prefer to work part-time.

The program is designed to meet the needs of exceptionally busy working nurses. If you are already working in the field of nursing, it may just be the kind of curriculum you need to complete your formal education.

17. Western Kentucky University

Western Kentucky’s is another cohort-based degree program. All of the courses can be completed online. The university works in concert and partnership with Owensboro Health, which has proven valuable to increasing student knowledge in leadership and management, critical thinking, health promotion and wellness, and ethics. If you have previous work experience and college credits, it is possible to gain up to nine hours towards your degree.

Although most of the courses can be taken online, you will be required to attend a few limited on-campus meetings.

The tuition is $10,597.

16. State College of Florida

The online nursing degree program at this State College of Florida campus was designed to incorporate the acquired skill and experience of working nurses. The aim of the program is to inculcate further knowledge in leadership and management, informatics, community and public health, and nursing theory and practice. SCF gives you the option of combining online and on-campus courses.

The nursing degree program is approved by the required state accreditation boards.

The tuition is $10,461.

15. Southwestern Oklahoma State University

This program allows RN students to advance their standing—up to 31 credit hours—by showing proof of previous college work. The Bachelor of Science in Nursing curriculum builds on previous knowledge and experience. If you are enrolling in the degree program and do not possess an RN license, you will be given the time to obtain one within the first semester of your matriculation.

The school has a solid reputation for student mentorship and guidance. Upon admission, you will be assigned a faculty advisor who will help you develop a plan of study to complete the program.

The tuition is $10,242.

14. Weber State University

The beautifully sleek and elegant campus of Weber State University is one that any student would find pleasant to visit each day. The university’s online nursing program requires such attendance in that enrollees must go in for classroom instruction five times each semester. You may, however, qualify to complete the entire degree online.

Weber’s undergraduate nursing degree is designed to build on previous experience as a Registered Nurse.If you are a Utah resident, Weber State is one of the best value-for-money programs that you are likely to find.

The tuition is $10,209.

13. New Mexico Highlands University

The University offers an RN to BSN online program. If you are without significant experience in the nursing or medical profession, enrolling in this program will give you the opportunity to get the necessary practical training and academic education. You can complete the program through part-time or full-time study. It is also one of the best schools by which to make the transition from an associate degree program.

The school is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

The tuition is $10,109.

12. Western Governors University

Western Governors nursing program is distinct for the rigor of its evidence-based approach to learning. It offers an RN to BSN program that requires 90 hours of clinical experience under the direct supervision of a qualified and experienced professional. Here you will take courses in patient safety, technology integration, and healthcare systems and policies. Geriatric care, nutrition, and leadership are additional subjects on offer.

The aim of the program is to provide students with a rounded education that includes both the technical aspects of nursing and the nature and function of medicine in society.

The tuition is $10,058.

11. Vincennes University

The nursing program at Vincennes is guided by the American Associate of Colleges of Nursing Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice and the Quality Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) Competencies. It offers a hybrid format that allows you to take courses online and in the classroom.

One of the distinctive features of the school’s nursing program is the focus it puts on helping students improve their bedside manner. If you choose Vincennes, you will be well-prepared for graduate work in nursing science.

The tuition is $9,805.

10. Bellevue University

Coming in at number 10 is Bellevue University. The science degree in nursing is delivered exclusively online. Choosing this program will enable you to complete portions of the highly prestigious Nurse Manager Certification from Sigma Theta Tai, which is the international honor society for nurses. The program also allows students to put up to 60 credit-hours of past work experience towards their degree. The program focuses on developing student competence in decision-making, management, and health promotion.

Once you graduate, you will be able to spend your final credit hours on a certification of your choosing.

The tuition is set at $9,370.

9. American Public University

This program is distinct in its heavy lean toward developing the leadership and critical thinking skills of students. Going through the program will prepare you to be both a nursing practitioner and thought leader. The courses have been formed and designed by recommendation from the Institute of Medicine.

Graduating the program will lead to a marked improvement in your clinical reasoning and your oral and written communications skills. You will be well-prepared to perform as a nurse and as a researcher. A great deal of time is spent helping students hone their competence in writing and publishing.

The tuition is $8,839.

8. Broward College

The Broward College nursing program can be completed in 12 to 16 months. The degree can be completed through a combination of classroom and online instruction or in an exclusively online format. If you have experience in the nursing or medical field, the program will build on what you already know to inculcate new knowledge, skills, and abilities.

The program is accredited by Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges.

The tuition is set at $8,174.

7. Northwestern State University

The nursing program at Northwestern State University is designed for working professionals. Enrolling in this program will allow you to carry on in your career while learning theoretical subjects and completing clinical requirements. You will also be able to take specialized courses in gerontology and informatics. The coursework is flexible enough for you to study the subjects most suitable to your interests.

This program is excellent for Registered Nurses and those working toward that qualification.

The tuition is $7,950.

6. St. Petersburg College 

Leadership, management, theory, research, and public health are the major points of focus for this degree program. It gives you the option of taking classes exclusively online or pursuing a combination of online and classroom instruction. The program can be completed within four semesters, and you can choose to pursue it part-time or full-time. A clinical practicum is required. However, you will be able to choose where you prefer to complete it.

Completing this degree will give you a wider understanding of the function and role of nurses in medicine. The program is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

The tuition is $7,695.

5. Southern Arkansas University

The RN to BSN program at this university is geared toward preparing students to be general practitioners. Once you graduate, you will possess the knowledge and ability to care for individuals, families, groups, and communities in both structured and unstructured health care settings. The coursework includes subjects such as general nursing, surgical nursing, and health assessment techniques. The degree can be completed exclusively online.

The program is accredited by the best and most respected boards in the state.

The tuition is $7,604.

4. Northwestern Oklahoma State University

Northwestern Oklahoma State University offers a nursing degree program that allows you to go on working while completing it. The course work can be completed in a year. It is important to note, however, that you will have to satisfy some general and program prerequisites before graduating. One thing that you will not have to do is a clinical internship. The teaching is excellent, and the course can be scheduled in a way that is suitable for your work schedule.

The program is accredited by the Board of Commissioners of the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing and Oklahoma Board of Nursing.

The tuition is $6,989.

3. University of Arkansas

In this program, students can choose between the BSN – Nursing and the BSN – Nursing RN-BSN Online Completion degree options. The department aims to prepare students to work in the health care institutions within and around Fort Smith. You can complete the program entirely online. Nevertheless, you will have the opportunity to join various student associations, such as the Student Nurses Association and the Nurses Christian Fellowship.

The program is accredited by the Arkansas State Board of Nursing and other highly respected accrediting institutions.

The tuition is $6,351.

2. Georgia Highlands College

You can complete this degree in as little as three semesters, as a full-time student, and four semesters if you enroll part-time. All coursework can be done online. The school aims to give working professionals space and flexibility they need to prepare for a future career while laboring in their present one. The program maintains a particular focus on developing critical thinking skills and competence in evidence-based research. The fundamentals of leadership in diverse, intricate, and complex health care settings are also a heavy area of focus.

The nursing program at Georgia Highlands College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing.

The tuition is $5,665.

1. California State University

The number one online nursing program on our list is offered by the California State University system. The program at Dominguez Hills is designed for Registered Nurses, who are unable to pursue their education in a traditional setting. Enrolling in this program gives you the option of completing assignments whenever you are able, as long as all course work is completed within each semester. One course requires your presence at a hospital; all others are available online.

The Bachelor and Master programs in nursing are accredited by Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

The tuition is  $2,791.