The 20 Best Online Psychology Degree Programs

It is a well-known fact that getting a degree will open up worlds of career opportunities, and put you in line for the higher salary. However, an on-campus degree is not possible for everyone. Jobs, families and other commitments can prevent you from gaining a traditional on-campus education. However, obtaining a degree in psychology can happen online in the comfort of your home, and on your timetable.

With over a thousand online psychology degrees available, choosing the right psychology degree can be difficult. This article explores the top twenty online psych degrees available in the United States.

Methodology:                                                                                                                             The following online colleges and universities have been ranked in order starting at the number twenty, to the number one recommended online university. The criteria for ranking each school were based on affordability, accreditation, and potential salary after earning your degree. These programs are the best of the best, but they are ranked to show you the very best possible degree for your specific needs.

Grand Canyon University is a Baptist focused school which incorporates the use of faith, and religion into their courses. They are focused on making people more employable, and producing well-rounded students into the workforce. They offer bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate programs with psychology focuses all totally online.

Their 120 credit hour bachelor’s program is a non-thesis degree geared toward relationships, and communication in the workplace which leads to careers in management, human relations, and provides an excellent background for serving the public.

The average annual cost of attending Grand Canyon University is a bit higher than the national average as it sits around $28,309. However, Graduates of Grand Canyon University can expect to earn salaries that are higher than the national average at roughly $45,200 starting salary. However, students who go on to earn their master or Ph.D. degrees can expect an even higher salary.

The rigor provided in this course is suitable to make students more marketable in the workforce combined with the affordability, and projected earnings grants this institution the rank of 20th place, in our top twenty universities.

LeTourneu University has a strong Christian Faith emphasis in all of their programs including their online psychology program. They emphasize the use of faith in counseling and all other aspects of life.

Their 120 credit hour bachelor's program is rigorous enough to prepare students for graduate degrees, missions, and the use of psychology in the workforce. However, it is not among the most complicated or intensive programs.

LeTourneu provides students with a relatively affordable education, and students report that they bring in hearty salaries with their degrees. Tuition costs are slightly above average, but students are projected to enjoy an overall above average salary in their careers after graduation.

This course is more designed for success in religious missions, and human resources positions than counseling which means that there is more breadth of the field, and slightly less rigor in their coursework, earning LeTourneau the 19th spot in this top twenty list.

Liberty University offers an affordable, accredited, Christian emphasized online Bachelors of Psychology degree.Students of Liberty University are trained in many counseling oriented mediums, and all students must complete an internship before graduation can be granted making this an intense online degree program.

Tuition runs at an affordable $360 per credit hour for the online psych degree, and students can expect to bring average home pay. Students report that they earn roughly $36,300 in their careers.

Students at Liberty University can expect a good solid education, at a relatively affordable rate. Their level of intensity and accreditation earn this stable institute the rank of 18th place.

St Leo University offers an accredited online bachelor’s degree in psychology. Their degree uniquely comes with the option of pursuing a focus in military psychology which focuses on interviewing and counseling. They strongly encourage students to branch out beyond the bounds of technological learning and explore the world of psychology in a hands-on approach via internships and practicums. However, internships and practicums are not required for graduation. Their online degree program is offers a broad spectrum education.

St Leo has fairly low costs. Their courses tend to cost around $470 per credit hour. St Leo's is a wonderful institution for those going into military service as discounts are provided on an already affordable school. However, the course is less intensive for those wishing to work in a psychology based career which earns this school the 17th spot in our quest to find the top 20 online psychology degrees.

Southern New Hampshire University offers fully accredited, and fully online bachelor's, and master's degrees at a reasonable cost.Their bachelor's degree is an average 120 credit hours long that delves deeply into many options of focuses. Their course is tough enough to prepare students for both careers in psychology, and for readiness for graduate school.

Tuition costs are an extremely affordable $320 per credit hour. Graduated students can expect to earn salaries comfortably above the national average at roughly $41,800 annually.

Southern New Hampshire offers a less expensive education, but will help students move forward in their careers, or explore further into their education. These features combined with their projected earnings after graduation land this great online program the 16th place out of our top 20 schools.

The University of Massachusetts offers fully accredited, and entirely online degree in psychology. The 120-hour program focuses their courses on applied psychology to best prepare students for psychology degrees.

The Univeristy of Massachusetts provides students with an excellent education. Tuition rates are right at the national average sitting at $16,531 a year which is well worth the investment when you consider that students graduating from this fine institution can expect to bring home an average salary of $48,900 annually which is considerably above the national average salary.

This degree, at an affordable cost, with a decent projected annual salary, and no question of accreditation earn the University of Massachusetts the 15th place on our list.

Kaplan University offers a bachelor's of psychology degree that is entirely online, and completely accredited. Their degree is longer than average at 180 credit hours, but each credit hour is an affordable $371 with discounts available to military, their families, and international students.

Graduates of Kaplan University can expect to make salary very close to the national average. The average student brings in salaries close to $34,400.

This program is perfect for those who wish to find a high demand in their course load, at an ideally affordable price, and reasonably projected salaries. These features combined with decent accreditation make this school the 14th best online program.

Post University is assuredly a highly accredited school guaranteed to provide an intense and thorough education. Their online psychology degree is an accelerated program and requires absolute dedication. Post University requires all students to take and pass a senior seminar, and other intensive courses designed to prepare you for graduate school, or the professional world.

Tuition rates at Post University are on average nearly twice the national average at around $37,460 per year. Graduates of Post University can expect an average starting salary that sits around $36,600 which is only slightly higher than the national average.This is an excellent program for those seeking more experience than just an online education. However, the pay increase after gaining the degree may not be enough to land this school a higher ranking. Thus, Post University is 13th in our top twenty available programs.

Penn State World Campus offers two accredited online psychology bachelor's degree programs. Both offered degrees are shorter than average sitting at around 123 credit hours priced at around $535 per credit hour.

The two degrees offered are meant to help students into the fields they wish to enter into after graduation. Their BS degree is science, and psychology practice and researched focused while their BA degree will adequately prepare students for a business psychology career.Penn State World Campus is a highly prestigious university.Graduates from Penn State World Campus can expect to earn an average annual salary $41,900 early in their careers after graduation.

The intensity of this degree is more for those who are seeking to better an existing career. The expenses of tuition at this institution verse the pay increase expected earn this school the 12th place out of our top 20.

The University of Florida Online is an accredited online university. Students are required to complete 120 credit hours which is roughly an average amount for a psychology degree. However, unlike many universities, The University of Florida Online requires students to complete courses in mathematics, statistics, biology, along with their generals, and psych classes.

Tuition for this school is at a below the national average cost, and students graduating from this school can expect to earn a starting average of %51,300 annually, which is slightly above the national average.

This is a well-rounded program that is on the less expensive side with a decent projected annual salary, and excellent accreditation. It is perfect for those with less previous education who are seeking to move on to greater career opportunities. These features land this wonderful institution the 10th place out of our top 20 programs.

Oregon State University is an accredited public university that offers online psychology degrees for both bachelor of arts and bachelor of science focuses.

Each program option is about 180 credit hours long with intensive rigor which prepares students for careers that work heavily with the public.

Annual tuition costs hover around the national average at affordable $17,420, and graduates can expect to earn an above average salary in their careers. Average annual salaries are expected to be around $46,400.

This program allows students to focus on the desired career outcome, at an average salary cost with a little higher than average expected pay. Accreditation for this program is no concern. These facts combined earn this institution 10th place.

Ottawa University offers a rigorous, and longer than average Bachelor's of Psychology degree online that is fully accredited. The program is 128 credit hours long, and it is designed to delve into every aspect of psychology from human emotion, psyche, down to a grounded understanding of ethics, and application.

Cost per credit hour is currently an affordable $480 per credit hour, and students can expect to bring in a hearty salary that sits higher than the national average after completing their degrees. This slightly longer program allows students to explore in a more accurate but less rigorous environment as some higher ranking schools. That, combined with the cost of tuition and expected pay earn the University of Ottawa 9th place.

Drexel University is a research focused highly rigorous online psychology degree. They offer some of the most innovative and cutting edge education and training to their students and require a high amount of dedication to earn their degree.Their online program costs roughly $440 per credit hour, and students may be either full or part-time students. This means that students can learn, and pay for tuition at their own pace.

Graduates of Drexel University tend to have high incomes. The average annual salary of a Drexel University graduate tends to run around $61,000 on average. Not only is this school offering a solid education at a good price, but the projected salary is also high enough to earn this school 8th place out of our top twenty list.

This university offers a fairly comprehensive and accredited online psychology program at an incredibly affordable rate. Their tuition rates are just a bit above average at $495 per credit hour. However, they uniquely offer what they call the “Brain Power” Program, which makes all school textbooks free and online for all currently enrolled students.

The coursework adequately prepares students for the use of psychology for business psychology fields, general psychology education, and preparation for future psychology programs.

Students graduating from The University of the Incarnate Word can expect to earn annual salaries on average of $42,700 which is just slightly above the national average. Tuition costs and projected salary for this school are already good, but the sheer amount of money saved in never having to purchase a textbook makes this school among the most affordable of all our listed programs. The affordability plus the fact that this school is very accredited and respected put this program in 7th place.

This private university offers an entirely online psych degree. Their bachelor’s degree is 120 credit hours long and requires that all students choose and earn a minor degree to make them more well-rounded students, not to mention more retail employees.Their degree offers to train in core competencies needed to be a professional such as writing skills, research, critical thinking, and analysis. Robert Morris University’s goal is to prepare graduates for either graduate degrees or work in the professional world. Therefore, their courses are designed to train you to become the best that you can be.

The tuition rates at Robert Morris University run, around $21,819 on average per year which is higher than the national average. However, graduates of Robert Morris University can expect to earn an average salary of $44,900 which is above the national average compensating for the slightly higher tuition rates.

The program combined with it's affordability, and good projected pay earn Robert Morris University the rank of 6th place on our top 20 list.​

Arizona State University has one of the most respected online psychology programs in the state. The 120-hour program is taught by experts in the field of psychology. The program is not only accredited but also highly respected.

Cost per credit hour is a very low $480, and graduates can expect to earn an above average $54,200 average annual salary. Arizona State is more affordable than many other institutions without sacrificing rigor or projected annual salary. Accreditation is high for this school as well which makes Arizona State our number 5 of the top 20 online psych programs.

Walden University offers a unique, vast and not to mention highly accredited program. Their broad range of available focuses within their online psychology degree is taught by the most respected professors with both research and clinical psychology experience.Classes are offered in both six and eleven-week courses which allow students to work at their pace of learning. The cost runs about $640 per credit hour which is affordable considering how lofty of an education you will receive.

Graduates of Walden University tend to earn salaries that sit well above the national average at an average annual salary of $54,900.Walden offers a good program for a good price, and graduates are expected to make great pay afterward. Accreditation is high at Walden University, which earns this program 4rth place.

Northeastern University offers an accredited online psychology program for bachelor's students. Their program is a slightly longer than average 160 credit hours that focuses on producing well-rounded, and highly educated students. The course prepares students for the working world, and for further education in graduate studies.The tuition costs for an education at Northeastern University are quite high. However, the investment is well worth the upfront cost as graduate students bring home an average of $60,100 per year.Incredible pay projection is offered at this university, and the accreditation makes this excellent institution our third place choice.

Bellevue University offers a fully accredited, and highly rigorous online Bachelor's of Science in Psychology degree. This degree is designed to prepare students for careers, management, counseling, or for graduate studies in psychology.

The intensive course requires students to conduct their own empirical research, and high-achieving students may be invited to present their findings at one of the school's, or another affiliated conference in psychology.

Bellevue provides students with a highly prestigious, respected, and well-rounded education, and it requires discipline, and dedication to earn a degree from this institution.

This school's tuition rates are a bit above the national average, however, students who receive their degree can earn significantly above average annual salaries. On average Bellevue, graduates can earn $52,200 in their careers. Graduates walk away with a phenomenal education and much higher than average salaries that outweigh the cost of tuition.

Capella University's online psychology degrees are for those seeking either master's or Ph.D. degrees. The programs are highly accredited and intense. However, their cost per credit hour has a broad range between $385 and $768.

Though their programs do run on the pricey side, the returns are well worth the upfront cost. Students graduating from Capella University are expected to make an average of $69,500 annually which is significantly higher than the national average.

Graduates from Capella University not only receive a fantastic education from a highly respected, and highly accredited institution, but they are also projected to make on average more money than any other university on our list. These qualities make Capella University our number one choice for gaining an online psychology degree.