The Top 9 Online Masters in Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is a growing field all over the world. In includes hotel managers and motel managers, event planners, food service managers, gaming managers and event planners. The job outlook for the industry is going to keep growing from now until 2024 in all aspects of the field, according to reports from the Labor Department. Event planners will experience the largest increase in job opportunities, with an estimated 33 percent jump.

The salary of such individuals averages at about $42,000. These numbers alone make the hospitality management industry an industry that is perfect for a person who has a master’s degree.

Online masters can help a prospect obtain all the skills that he or she needs to break into the hospitality management field as a self-employed individual or an employee of someone else. Online degrees are favorable because the students have the flexibility to work on other elements such as temporary job and family obligations. Some online programs can save the student a small amount of time so that he or she can earn the degree quickly. An ambitious person will desire to go to a school that has a positive reputation. That person will want to sign up with one of the programs that the top schools offer. An interested person can find a list of the top performing schools for online masters degrees below. The list contains 9 of those top establishments. The person can sift through the 9 and explore some of those universities further.

The researchers used a variety of criteria to determine the outcome of the list including curriculum program content, affordability, number of students, post-school job success, amenities, technical support, rankings from ex-students and much more. Any budding hospitality manager will be able to choose an establishment from this list that fits.​

9. University of Houston

Last, but certainly not least, a student can sign up for a Master of Science in hospitality management at the Conrad Hilton College branch of the University of Houston. The program focuses on various aspects such as general finance, revenue management, food and beverage, events, hotels and hospitality management.

The small college ranks as one of the top programs in the nation for hospitality every year. The program takes a hybrid approach to the hospitality management curriculum by using lecture-style lessons and real-world experience to educate the students. The result is a win-win situation for anyone who takes the courses.

The tuition fees range from about $460 to $980 per credit hour. The facility does offer financial aid as well as access to some grants. An ambitious person should be able to receive a quality education from his or her choice school that will catapult that person right into success.​

8. Norwich University

Norwich University has a program for people who want a cutting-edge education that will help them to climb the corporate ladder quickly. The Master of Science in Leadership is a program that can fit people who work in any field, including hospitality. It can help them to grow within their field or branch out into a new field. People who take the courses can also take them for their personal growth and knowledge.

The course teaches the students how to engage in professional communication and how to generate innovative movements. The program at Norwich has had great success. More than 96 percent of people who graduated from the program recommended the program to someone else so that person could grow. Additionally, 60 percent of graduates reported that they experienced salary increases after they graduated from the program.

Norwich University has many accreditations and recognitions. It has been recommended as a military friendly school. Furthermore, it was rated as one of the best colleges in 2016 by U.S. News.​

7. The University of Central Florida

The University of Central Florida has a program that a business minded individual may enjoy. Rosen College of Hospitality Management offers masters in hospitality & tourism management. The courses are loaded with information that will help the student to blossom into an advanced tourism master and more. The course is designed to provide the student with a versatile skill set that he or she can take to any industry within the hospitality category. It is intended to help the student grow into an industry leader as he or she grows older and matures.

Students have a choice of taking all of their courses online, taking them inside of the physical school location or both. The hybrid curriculum is now available at many of the large schools. Students can complete some the programs in less than 24 months. The university offers thesis and non-thesis options to its students. Florida residents get the bonus of receiving in-state prices for their classes.

The University of Florida is an accredited school that the founders built up in 1863. Its current focus is supplying jobs for men and women who need them. The University states that its investors have been helping to create the jobs for the students.​

6. Georgia State University

Georgia State University offers an extensive program for people who want to take their businesses global. The name of the degree is a master of global hospitality management. It takes the student on a year-long journey to impacting the hospitality field.

The program is 12 months long, and the price for the tuition is more than $37,000. Georgia State University offers financial aid as well as installment arrangements for people who simply need additional time. The healthy tuition covers many aspects of the enrollment, not just the classes. It includes books, parking spaces, meals, development services and an iPad. Students can feel comfortable that they will have someone with them every step of the way.

Georgia State University is recognized by U.S. News, Money Magazine, World Report and more. They know how much the university offers to people who want to take courses. The sites attested to the university’s innovative labs, amazing curricula, and amenities for individuals who take courses there. Interested persons should feel confident about the possibility of earning a degree at the facility. An interested person can ask for return contact today to get information about the school. The Rosen College of Hospitality Management offers a master of science in hospitality and tourism management. The courses in the program are designed to give the person the skills necessary to be versatile within a variety of fields. For example, event management may not work for a person, but hospitality management might.​

5. Fairleigh Dickinson University

The Fairleigh Dickinson University has an outstanding program that provides students with the confidence they need to own their own hospitality businesses. The program curriculum offers 33 credits, and it nourishes the young managers, entrepreneurs, educators and professionals. The course is set up to take the student to a new level of transcendence.

Applicants must pay an application fee to apply. Additionally, they must have a GPA of at least 2.75 to qualify for admission. The school needs to see official transcripts from any school from which the person has graduated. The individual must be able to write in perfect English. Furthermore, the individual must interview with an advisor and write a paper that explains his or her interests in hospitality management.

FDU is a large facility with more than 1,000 dedicated instructors and more than 12,000 students. The facilities offers the Baccalaureate, Masters, and Doctoral. The scope of courses that it offers is broad, but it includes subjects such as psychology, business management and more. A prospective student can contact the facility and inquire about the program today.​

4. The University of Nevada

The University of Nevada has a program for a master of science in hotel administration. The program does focus on hospitality management, but it takes the student through various aspects of the business so that person can gain a rounded understand of business operations. The curriculum gives students the tools they need to leave the school and get jobs as executives, researchers, and other strong people. The classes teach the principles of tourism, gaming and organizational behavior. By the time the student is finished with the course, he or she should have the skills to:

  • Formulate strategic alliances and start trends
  • Conduct accounting and financial tasks as it relates to the hotel industry
  • Plan, organize, research and carry out business management tasks
  • Develop strong analytical skills
  • Conduct research

The average price that a student pays per credit is $289. Students, of course, have the option to apply for student loans and other assistance that may be available.The University has been providing the people with educational material since 1874. Any student who chooses it will be choosing a top-tier experience for sure. As a matter of fact, the U.S. News recognized the University of Nevada as a National Tier 1 University. That is a position that every university dreams of in this world.Prospects can look forward to experiencing excellence through hands-on research, affordability, competitive athletics, innovation and counselors and teachers who are dedicated to each student’s success. Students will have an experience that will boost their morale and esteem while they are receiving education from one of the leaders in the industry.

3. Florida International University

Florida International University offers a varied menu of options for people who are serious about studying in the hospitality management field. Students can choose a non-thesis M.S. in hospitality management, a thesis-based M.S. in hospitality management, an M.S. in hospitality management with a focus on executive tasks or a Joint M.S. in international real estate and hospitality management.

The thesis based curriculum includes courses in subjects such as:

  • Marketing management 
  • Globalization 
  • Management for the Hospitality Industry
  • Strategic Management for Hospitality & Tourism 

The programs offer 33 credits, and each credit can cost $206 to $619 depending on where the student resides. Out-of-state learning costs three times more than local learning does. The fees do not include health costs, parking costs, and additional fees. However, the financial aid department can assist a person who is serious about jump-starting his or her career. The schools state that the cost is $445 per credit for the hospitality management class.

The facility is a state-of-the-art facility that specializes in providing the students with the highest level of comfort. Executives and teachers are available at all times to walk students through any questions and concerns they may have.

FIU is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges, and the school has been standing tall for several decades.​

2. Johnson & Wales University

Johnson & Wales University has an outstanding program for a master’s degree in business hospitality. The program can fast-track a student into a degree within 18 months in most cases. The focus of the program that JWU offers is to prepare the business-minded person for success in real-life situations. It provides the student with the tools that he or she needs to succeed in a variety of industries. The cross-trained individual will graduate from this program with a loaded gun when it comes to breaking into hospitality management.

​JWU offers a competitive tuition as well as 100 years of its longstanding expertise, GMAT requirement waiver, hybrid courses, eleven-week courses and more. JWU surpasses other schools in its league because of its focus on accelerated learning. Accelerated learning puts men and women in the workforce so that they can take care of their families. Students from all over the world visit JWU to advance their students.

Prospects that consider this school will not be disappointed since it has multiple credentials, mentions, and recognitions. U.S. News included it in its list of Best Colleges for 2016. The schools also have recognition from the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.​

1. Drexel University

Drexel is one of the top universities in the entire world, and it made it to the top of this list, as well. Drexel University is a huge name when it comes to education. Drexel offers a convenient two-year master’s program for people who want to excel in hospitality management. Its ranking is #99 in the entire nation. Drexel schools more than 26,000 students, and it has campuses in three states. What is even more remarkable about Drexel than its number of students is that the school itself has a history of producing graduates who end up as CEO’s in Fortune 500 companies. Drexel has been offering online courses since 1996 and is a leader in innovation.

Drexel University is an accredited university. It has been accredited by the American Psychological Association, Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education, the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and more. The school has an acceptance rate of more than 86 percent.

The online master’s program at Drexel focuses on global tourism and casino management. Casinos are still growing immensely and opening up new jobs every day. However, the curriculum can prepare students for jobs in general business ownership, convention services, real estate development, and online travel distributions.

The tuition for the programs at Drexel is $894 per credit, which Drexel says is a 25 percent discount from its normal pricing. Prospective students can apply for financial aid to get them through the program.​